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We are the main independent, not-for-profit voice for Chorleywood. When you live in Chorleywood you automatically become a member of the Residents’ Association. Please get in touch with us if you have any matters you’d like to discuss or would like to be involved.

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  • Halloween Etiquette
    Halloween falls on Tuesday 31st October. It's a fun occasion for young children but it can be a distressing time for older people. If you'd prefer not to be disturbed, it might be wise not to have any halloween items visible outside. Hertfordshire Police have guidelines for both children and householders for staying safe and enjoying the event on their website, and posters you can download. Remember, only Trick or Treat on 31st October.
    Posted 27 Oct 2017, 09:55 by Phil Ellis
  • Proposed Play Area
    It is common knowledge that there are strongly held views on the location of an additional Children’s Play Area in Chorleywood. Therefore, as Chorleywood Residents' Association represents all residents in the Parish, we have adopted a neutral stance on the matter.

    In our September e-newsletter we included a report on the decision made by the Three Rivers Leisure and Well Being Committee to agree to seek planning permission, and Section 38 permission from the Planning Inspectorate for the installation of rustic play equipment on an area of the Common known as Site 15A. The minutes of this meeting, which took place on 6th September, can be seen on the Three Rivers DC (TRDC) website.

    More recently, we have been asked to publish a document sent to us by local resident Ellie Kirkman which puts forward arguments against using Site 15A as a children's play area. Because, as already stated,  the CRA Committee is impartial on matters such as this, preferring instead to publish the facts and let you decide, we approached TRDC with a request for more details of what is being proposed with a view to putting to rest any inaccurate reporting and to allay any areas of concern. This they have now done, written in the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions) with answers. We are indebted to TRDC for providing this document and for having it checked and approved by the Clerk of Chorleywood Parish Council before sending it to us.

    So, in the interest of fairness, you can see Ellie's document here and TRDC's webpage devoted to the proposed play area here which contains the list of FAQs (and answers) and supporting documents.

    As already stated, we do not wish to take sides so if you have any concerns, please take them up directly with TRDC (charlotte.gomes@threerivers.gov.uk) or Chorleywood Parish Council (clerk@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk).
    Posted 27 Oct 2017, 08:56 by Phil Ellis
  • RMS Community Choir: Free Concert
    On 15th October at 6pm in The Great Hall, Royal Masonic School, Rickmansworth, the RMS Community Choir (with guests The South Oxhey Choir) will be featuring a programme of choral music including "In The Beginning - A Sacred Concert" (by Duke Ellington) and a collection of Ellington songs accompanied by Jazz Band. The concert is free, no ticket required!
    Posted 5 Oct 2017, 08:57 by Phil Ellis
  • Children’s Play Area
    CRA have been informed by Three Rivers District and Chorleywood Parish Councillor Martin Trevett, that the long discussed new play space for Chorleywood’s children has moved a step closer.  Martin Trevett writes that this is following the unanimous vote at Three Rivers Leisure and Well Being Committee on 6th September to agree to seek planning permission, and section 38 permission from the Planning Inspectorate for the installation of rustic play equipment at an area of the Common known as site 15a.  The equipment would be the same or similar to the equipment recently installed by the Parish Council on another part of the common.

    A unanimous vote followed the presentation of a petition with in excess of 650 signatures supporting the recommendation, presented to the committee by Simone Tyson of Chorleywood Mums. The recommendation to seek planning permission, which was supported by the Parish Council, was moved by Cllr Martin Trevett who has been campaigning for improved play facilities for the children and families of Chorleywood for over 20 years.

    Speaking at the meeting Cllr Trevett said “Three Rivers had commissioned ecological reports, a tree survey, and asked for the police’s view on site 15a. Their finding was that site 15a was of low ecological value, many of the trees on the site were either dead or dying, and the police view was that there were no insurmountable safe-guarding issues.  There is now a real chance that another generation of Chorleywood children would not grow up with inadequate play facilities”.

    So what happens now?  Council officers in consultation with the Parish Council, the local schools, local children and parents groups will draw up detailed plans for submission to the Council's Planning Committee and the Planning Inspectorate, with installation expected by Autumn next year.  There is still the outside chance that a public enquiry might be held.  There has been some discussion on the number of objectors required to trigger a public enquiry and whether that number is 6, 60 or 600.  Any objection must give details of how the proposals would be detrimental to the Common.

    Given the expert reports it is difficult to see how any objection could be relevant, and in fact with the Parish Council now having set a precedent, that argument recedes further. Note that site 15a is an area of unmaintained woodland and brambles almost adjacent to the entrance to the station car park bounded by the station car park fence, the railway fence and the service road into the station car park.

    Posted 11 Sep 2017, 06:35 by Phil Ellis
  • Greenspace Action Plan

    Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) is working with the Countryside Management Service (CMS) to create a new five year management plan for Chorleywood House Estate.

    You have the opportunity to provide feedback on the initial briefing document which outlines the aims and aspirations for the management of the site. The feedback received will be used to develop the five year management plan.

    You can view the Chorleywood House Estate – Greenspace Action Plan 2018 – 2023 Briefing Document

    You can let TRDC and CMS know what you think of initial plans by either downloading and completing the Chorleywood House Estate – Greenspace Action Plan 2018 – 2023 Briefing Document Feedback Form and / or emailing your comments directly to Charlotte.carter@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

    Alternatively, send your comments on the feedback form by post to:

    FAO Charlotte Carter
    Countryside Management Service
    Environment Department
    County Hall
    Herts, SG13 8DN

    Please return your comments by 28th July 2017.

    Posted 5 Jul 2017, 11:52 by Phil Ellis
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