100 Club

In January 2018 we launched an exciting new 100 Club which will is open to all residents. There will be a monthly draw where for £30 per year per share club members will have the chance to win the top prize of £50 or one of three £10 prizes. There will be a bumper first prize of £100 instead of £50 at the AGM (normally May) and December. 

If you are interested in joining our 100 Club, please read the rules (see below) and if satisfied fill in the online CRA 100 Club Application Form and set up a standing order with your bank, making your payment to "CRA 100 Club", Account No: 50416371, Sort Code: 20-91-79 for either £2.50 per month or £30.00 yearly until further notice, giving as a reference your surname and initials, e.g. Smith AP.

Alternatively download and fill in the Membership and Standing Order forms and send them to the CRA 100 Club Membership Secretary and your bank respectively. Your first payment needs to be received by 10th January 2018 to qualify for the first draw which will take place at the CRA Executive Committee meeting on 15 January 2018. Otherwise, applications can be received at any time. Your Standing Order must to be processed by your bank at least two days before the draw if it is to qualify for that month's draw.
  1. The name of the Club shall be CRA 100 Club and the Club shall nominally have 100 members.
  2. Membership of the Club shall be determined by regular subscriptions to one or more shares.  A member may hold up to five shares and will be issued with a membership ID per subscribed share. 
  3. Membership of the Club entitles members to participate in a monthly draw for cash prizes throughout the year. The first prize draw will be drawn when there are enough members to fund the prizes most likely early in 2018.
  4. Each calendar month, prizes will be drawn consisting of three £10 and one £50 prize, except at the AGM and in December when there will be three prizes of £10 and one of £100. These values are based on a membership of 100. If membership numbers are below or above 100, these prize amounts will be pro-rated.  The draw will take place at a monthly Executive Committee meeting (or at the AGM in the case of that month's draw) and the winners’ names will be posted in the minutes, monthly e-newsletter and on the CRA website.  Prize  winners will be advised by email or letter of any prizes they have won and an appropriate payment by cheque or bank transfer will be made by the Treasurer of the Club.
  5. The surplus after prizes have been paid out will be used to fund the day to day activities of CRA.
  6. All shareholders in the Club are entitled to attend the monthly draws.
  7. Membership of the Club shall be deemed to commence from the date of the first subscription to the Club and shall continue until terminated either by the individual member or by the governing committee of the Club. In the event of there being insufficient members recruited, or membership falls below a viable number to support the prizes, any monies already received will be refunded.  Termination for any reason other than the above after the Club is launched will not entitle a refund of any previous payments.
  8. Membership of the Club shall be deemed to lapse should a member’s subscription cease or be unpaid.
  9. New members may join the Club at any stage subsequent to its commencement upon payment or submission of a Standing Order.
  10. The Club shall be governed by a Committee comprising three members nominated annually by the CRA Executive Committee. This shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer and one additional member.
  11. The Bankers of the Club shall be Barclays Bank and signatories to the account shall be determined by the governing committee.  Cheques will be signed by no fewer  than two such signatories.
  12. The governing committee shall be empowered to deal with all matters of the Club and their decision in such matters shall be deemed final.
Monthly Winners

Listed below are the most recent 100 Club winners. Draws are made at Executive Committee meetings - normally the 3rd Monday of the month - except in the month of the AGM when the draw will take place at the AGM itself.