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Chorleywood Local Forum at Memorial Hall on 11th October

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This year's local forum is to be held on Monday 11th October at 2pm.  All are welcome.

The Forum is chaired by Councillor Barbara Green. Local Ward members and the County Councillor for the district are invited and Parish Councillors are also welcome.

Because it is poorly attended TRDC decided to hold the meeting in the afternoon this time to see if there is better attendance.  There is usually a presentation of some kind which we hope will be of interest to the public, the Police give an up date on the local crime situation and members of the Forum can put forward suggestions as to the use of the £1,000 grant.  More importantly it is an opportunity for members of the public to comment on matters that concern them or maybe even please them!

Concerns may include the lack of facilities for youngsters in the village, planning objections or perhaps dog fouling on the Common. Why not go along and have your say?

Our Chair, Annette Naughton will be attending on behalf of the Residents' Association

Agenda & Minutes of last year's meeting are attached.  For further information please contact:

Janet Ide
Committee Manager - Democratic Services
Three Rivers District Council
Tel: 01923 727250 (Internal only: 7250)

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