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How do I report faults in highways (potholes, etc.)?

You're no doubt well aware of the state of a number of our roads, with surfaces breaking up and some nasty potholes near the centre or edges of our roads. Our regular liaison meetings with Herts CC have indicated that the way to get something done about them is to report the location through their website. Some of your Executive Committee have tried this and it works, especially for the most severe holes, with a response time of a week to two weeks, and in some cases just days. So we suggest residents follow the procedure below to get action from Herts Highways and get the worst of our potholes fixed. We are advised that unless we follow this procedure nothing will happen.
  1. Go to Herts CC website:
  2. A map comes up. Enter road name and click on the Search button
  3. The road comes up in a search results box. Select the road by clicking on it
  4. Click on the position of the fault such as a pothole in the road. A square yellow box comes up to designate the spot. Click the appropriate box ‘Report a Fault’
  5. A table is then displayed. Complete the table using the drop down menus e.g if a pothole it asks approximate size. There’s an option for uploading a photo if you have one
  6. Fill in all boxes with an asterisk in the titles then click Continue.
  7. Your email address and phone number is requested and then click Submit
  8. If you wish to check that your fault has been recorded go back to the map and you will see a pink balloon showing the position of the fault you have reported
  9. You will be given a reference number for the report you have made
  10. Should you need more detailed instructions they are available on the Herts CC website:
N.B. A good source of up-to-date information about roadworks, road closures and diversions, traffic incidents and other disruptions is the website: It covers local roads as well as more distant ones.

How do I become a member of the Residents' Association?

When you live in Chorleywood you automatically become a member of the Residents' Association.

‪By representing everybody who lives in the Parish, we are strengthening our hand in negotiating with (and influencing) local authorities like Herts County Council, Three Rivers District Council and Chorleywood Parish Council. Naturally, not everyone in Chorleywood will agree on everything, and we even have differences of opinion within our own Executive Committee. However, we will always try to negotiate with the best interests of Chorleywood at heart, and seek your views on any controversial issues before doing so.

The Association is funded through a mix of sponsorship, donations, and adverts in our flagship magazine "The Chorleywood Resident".

How can I help the Residents' Association?

We are currently actively seeking volunteers to act as CRA Resident Representatives. We are very dependent upon our Resident Reps (formerly known as Road Reps), who distribute items of interest to residents in the road they represent. This may include newsletters, leaflets and surveys. The commitment to be a Resident Rep is not considerable, and typically requires them to be an ongoing contact point for the committee. If you are interested in helping us, especially if you don't have a Resident Representative in your road, flats, etc. please contact us at To check whether you already have a Resident Representative, see "How do I contact my Resident Representative" below.

Can I help financially?


Please see the Support Us page for ways that you can do this quickly and easily.

How do I sign up for a monthly e-Newsletter?

We try to publish an e-newsletter every month. This is sent by email to everyone on our mailing list. 

If you would like to receive this e-newsletter and you are not already on our mailing list, you can subscribe (free) by clicking on the button to the left, or by going to our Mailing List page and entering your email address. 

In addition, all previous issues of our e-newsletter can be found via a link on that same page.

How do I contact my Resident Representative?

The most up-to-date list of our Resident Representatives can be found on our Resident Reps page. Alternatively, information on all our Resident Representatives is given in "The Chorleywood Resident", which is published twice a year and delivered to all households in the Parish of Chorleywood. If you don't have your copy to hand, you can find the most recent issues on our Magazine page.

How do I contact Chorleywood's PCSOs

Details of our nearest police station, police personnel (including our Police Community Support Officers) and how to report information to the police can be found on our local Neighbourhood Watch web page.

Fix My Street

Residents should report any highway fault including potholes and flooding through the Hertfordshire County Council website - Highways Fault Reporting

TRDC encourages the use of Fix My Street to report other issues. You can see the most recent below.