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Chorleywood has a Post Office again! Now open inside Lords

posted 5 Aug 2020, 10:17 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Special Edition Post Office and Retail Update Newsletter (Click here)

Dear Chorleywood Resident,

Thanks to the long-term and persistent efforts of our Executive Committee member Lisa Stewart, and the generosity and community spirit of Lords' Operations Director Tilak Patel, we are delighted to tell you that the Post Office will be opening inside Lords today,  Wednesday 5th August.
We are very fortunate to have Kay Atwal to run our new Post Office.  Kay has over 30 years’ experience and we welcome her to the village and wish her every success. 
Initially, hours will be Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm and Saturday 9am to 12.30pm. Last collection from the Post Office will be 2pm. 
Tilak said “Lords is always interested in supporting the community in any way we can. We have seen how much Chorleywood has missed a Post Office, so are therefore happy to donate floor space for a Post Office counter to operate for the next three months, until a permanent solution can be found. The importance of supporting our community has never been seen more than this year. We wish the Post Office every success and look forward to welcoming you all soon.
The Chorleywood Residents' Association are still working with the Post Office to provide a permanent solution. Several other retailers have shown interest. If you are interested in incorporating a permanent Post Office facility within your retail outlet, or in applying to run the Post Office, please click on this link: Chorleywood Town Post Office  If you are only interested in manning the Post Office, please contact Elaine Ashcroft at Interim Enterprises Ltd on 07384 315764. Full training will be provided.

If you have any problems, please contact Graham Simmons, our Area Network Manager, by email at

Best wishes

Chorleywood Residents' Association

Click here to read the full newsletter, including messages from many of Chorleywood's retailers.

SCAM emails about TV License Renewal for the over 75's

posted 3 Aug 2020, 02:35 by Mike Stansfield   [ updated 3 Aug 2020, 02:36 ]

Watch out for SCAM emails with TV License Renewal notices asking for you to set up a Direct Debit Payment online.

See for details of what is happening for over 75 TV licenses where they say "If you had a free TV Licence up to 31 July 2020, you don’t need to do anything now to stay licensed. Starting in August, we’ll be writing to you to explain what you need to do to set up your next licence. You’ll have plenty of time to do that. Meanwhile, don’t worry – you’re covered."

Neighbourhood Watch: Top ten Covid-19 scams the public should be aware of

posted 3 Aug 2020, 02:30 by Chorleywood Residents' Association   [ updated 3 Aug 2020, 02:32 ]

Visit to get started with Your Neighbourhood Watch or Business Watch, and join to receive important notifications such as this one ...

Dear Watch Member,

Using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity, fraudsters are using sophisticated methods to callously exploit people, with many concerned about their financial situation and the state of the economy.

To coincide with the launch of its new animation urging people to follow the advice of the Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign, UK Finance today reveals ten Covid-19 and lockdown scams which criminals are using to target people to get them to part with their money.

Please see attached document issued by UK Finance, "Take Five to Stop Fraud" revealing the top ten COVID-19 scams

Download Associated Documents
Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address:

Philip Waine 
Watch Liaison Officer 
Tel: 01707 355807


posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:14 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

8th August - 7th November 2020

"I have been asked, what makes me want to run four 100-mile races in 4 months to raise money for Mission EmployAble?

There’s nothing special about it - I’m just a guy who likes to run a lot. But what is more amazing is all the time and dedication that all the volunteers from Mission EmployAble are giving towards creating a truly fantastic future for so many young people with learning difficulties - bricks and mortar that will last for generations to come to ensure that everyone, no matter what their abilities, will have a chance to get trained and find employment. The entire community will also benefit from a fantastic new cricket pavilion and a place to meet on the Common for a coffee and some food.

Running 400 miles is easier to imagine if you break it up into manageable bite size chunks in your head. Each of the races are 100 miles, which must be completed before the cut off time of between 27 to 30 hours. Each race has around 13 feed stations. This means that I just have to think about 7 and a bit miles to the next checkpoint. So when the chaff under my arms is so painful that I have to run with one arm in the air for relief, or my feet are so wet and blistered that it feels as though the soles of my feet are sliding off, or my quadriceps are so ruined that I have to walk up the hills backwards, I just think about getting through the next 7 miles to the feed station, take a drink and some fruit, reset and carry on."

Brent Mullane Running for Mission EmployAble

Gagan Mohindra raises Build, Build, Build vs Chorleywood’s Green Belt in PMQ’s

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:10 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

On Wednesday this week MP Gagan Mohindra raised the urgent problem of balancing PM Boris Johnson’s call to “Build, Build, Build” to meet housing needs against the importance of protecting Chorleywood’s Green Belt.  The PM’s answer was to use brownfield sites, but unfortunately this is of little help to Chorleywood because TRDC has very few brownfield sites.  
The root cause of TRDC's and our Green Belt problem is the government’s unrealistically high housing need targets, in an area which is ~80% Green Belt.  Your Residents’ Association has written to our MP urging him to press the government to review and reduce these housing need targets, which would allow TRDC to put in place the much-needed protection of an approved Local Plan.
You can see Gagan’s question and the Prime Minister’s answer here:

And the Chorleywood Residents’ Association's letter to our MP Gagan Mohindra is here:

CRA Planning Policy Explained

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:10 by Chorleywood Residents' Association   [ updated 31 Jul 2020, 05:16 ]

There has been some confusion over the neutral position the association has taken with regard to planning applications. The Residents' Association's neutral stance is related to all applications not any specific application. In reality, we found that our objections were not given any more weight by the planning authorities than those of any other resident but it left us in a position where we could not, in truth, be said to be representing all the residents of Chorleywood as there are invariably opinions on both sides for any application.
From our experience, the best way that we can help residents is through providing advice on planning rules and recent decisions to help them either form their own applications or to object to any they are concerned about. If it will help, we will also provide someone with experience of the planning system to speak on behalf of residents at planning meetings. As part of our role of informing & helping the community we are always willing to distribute suitable materials from other groups that might assist in this objective through our mailing list, social media accounts and website.
The only thing we do not do is to send a comment in to the council though individual Executive Committee members are now free to make their own comments in a personal capacity. Thus, recently Executive Committee members have been able to submit their own objections to applications which they would not have been able to do previously as they could have undermined what the association had said.
Full detail of the policy and the background to it can be viewed here.
If you have any questions or comments about planning including planning applications, the new Local Plan and the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan please do not hesitate to contact us at

Great news for our Post Office

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:10 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Since the Post Office asked for help from the Chorleywood Residents’ Association (CRA) in finding a temporary or permanent site for a Post Office, we have been very busy canvassing businesses for a solution. Thanks to the tireless and persistent efforts of our Executive Committee member Lisa Stewart, at last we have some great news for Chorleywood residents on this front!

So far, we have had five retailers making enquiries, and are delighted to announce that in order to serve our community, Lords have kindly offered to provide space free of charge for a post office cube to be installed, initially on a temporary basis for 3 months. The Post Office have found someone to run it and are just finalising logistics, but hope to have it up and running w/c 3rd August.

This means that we will still require a permanent site. A permanent site would require just a single counter position, or alternatively, the Post Office can provide one of their kiosks, a 1 sqm cube, which is fully self-contained and just needs power and 4G. The two sites which were being considered, the library and the Co-op, have been ruled out for now, hence the need to find a new site.

Anyone applying to run the service does not require any experience, training will be provided. If anyone is interested in managing our Post Office on a permanent basis, please contact Elaine Ashcroft at Interim Enterprises Ltd on 07384 315764, who manage placements for the Post Office.

If you are interested in incorporating a permanent Post Office facility within your retail outlet, or in applying to run the Post Office, please click on this link: Chorleywood Town Post Office

If you have any problems, please contact Graham Simmons, our Area Network Manager, by email at

Village Retailers' News

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:09 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

  • Whilst we are missing a Post Office, Lords are currently selling postage stamps at the till.
  • Higgins are now selling fresh fish from Thursday to Saturday.
  • Chorleywood Bookshop is offering an online event with bestselling author Rachel Joyce on Wednesday 29th July at 4pm.  Click here to book.  The Bookshop also sells stamps at the till.
If you have other news about our local retailers for possible inclusion in a future newsletter, please let us know by emailing

Chorleywood Corona Support Group (CCSG)

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:09 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

CCSG volunteers have begun delivering a Summer Fruit & Veg box delivery service that will run EVERY Thursday for six weeks over the summer break up until 27th August. Thanks to Community and Church donations, each vulnerable family will receive a family-sized box of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to their door by a CCSG volunteer. This free service has been welcomed by 15 families living locally in Mill End, Maple Cross and Rickmansworth, making life a little easier during this difficult time. CCSG sends thanks also to the marvellous team at Restore Hope charity in Latimer for managing our orders, quality control and carefully packing all the boxes ready for collection.

Visit for more information or to donate.

Chorleywood Telephone Exchange

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:09 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Residents will be aware that CRA is continually looking at ways in which the parking problem in the village can be improved. To this end we approached British Telecom to ask if our part-time shop workers could park on the unused land in front of the telephone exchange, as our monitoring had shown there is often plenty of unused space.

Unfortunately, our proposal has been declined, as BT say that as they require access to all of the doors and space for vehicles to manoeuvre safely there would not be room for parked cars.

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