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TRDC waste services update: Due to staff shortages brought about by the current health situation.

posted 28 Mar 2020, 07:26 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

See below a message from TRDC.  Full information on the TRDC website at 


We will be suspending the garden waste service from Monday 30th March. We are aware many residents have paid for this service and we will provide an update on this in the near future. 

We are asking all residents to place their food waste into the refuse bins at the current time. The refuse bins will remain fortnightly, as per the collection calendar. The week commencing 30 March is refuse week across the district (week A)

The recycling bin will now be emptied fortnightly. This fortnightly collection will alternate with refuse, therefore the next recycling collection will take place during the week commencing 6 April  (please follow week B on the collection calendar).

March 2020 e-Newsletter

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:52 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Read the full e-Newsletter on the Mailing List Archive tab, or follow this link

  • Chorleywood Corona Support Group
  • COVID-19
  • Proposed introduction of 20 mph Speed Limit in Chorleywood
  • Urbanisation of Chorleywood - Do we really need more road signs?
  • Chorleywood Cricket Pavillion Plans are approved
  • Fencing works bordering Chorleywood House Estate are progressing well
  • Reminder - Chorleywood Neighbourhood Plan - Public Consultation
  • South West Herts, your future
  • New Treasurer wanted for CRA
  • Sunrise of Chorleywood - Hearts of the Ocean
  • Quick Links

Chorleywood Corona Support Group

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:52 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

This fantastic support group has been formed by parents from local Chorleywood schools in partnership with local churches in Chorleywood. All volunteers are local and vetted.

If you are Self-Isolating and would like any help with food shopping etc. please get in touch with a volunteer on your street. Check the website for updates on volunteers in your street. (Volunteer list as at 20th March)

If you would like to become a volunteer, please complete the quick registration form (link below):
Volunteer Registration Form

For urgent enquiries or escalation please call (Vanessa) on 07872 903486


posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:51 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Local information on COVID-19Information from the GovernmentAnd also, be very careful because scammers are taking advantage of the situation

Proposed introduction of 20 mph Speed Limit in Chorleywood

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:51 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

A number of households have received a letter from Herts County Council outlining the proposed introduction of a 20mph speed limit in 35 roads in Chorleywood, with an invitation to respond. If the responses are 55% in favour the scheme will be put to public consultation, though it is not clear to what base the 55% figure applies.

However, any such scheme would impact everyone in the area and in particular those living and travelling in Chorleywood West i.e. the village side of the motorway, so we are publicising the scheme to everyone.

The letter and map with the list of affected roads can be found on our website here
In order to obtain clarification as to how the responses will be assessed and to obtain additional background information we have asked for the following questions to be answered. We will publish the responses we receive for everyone to see.
  • On what number is the response rate based?  Is this all residents, adult residents or households? Are people in the Parish who live East of the M25 and, therefore,  largely disinterested included, as this would skew the figures?
  • Will the numbers pro and con be published before the consultation phase is implemented?
  • Is it all or nothing, or can individual roads opt out. If they can (and they should be able) how will the response rate be measured for each road?
  • What signs and road markings will be required and where will they be sited for each road?
  • In view of the comment that physical features are not required what were the average speeds measured and in which roads?
  • How will the limit be enforced? We would like to see a copy of the police report
  • Who requested the implementation of the scheme for so many roads in Chorleywood?
The closing date for the initial responses to a short survey is 3 April. Residents are encouraged to respond whether they are in favour or otherwise of the proposals, so please take a minute to complete the form which is a simple yes or no question. It can be found here

Urbanisation of Chorleywood - Do we really need more road signs?

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:50 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

CRA have heard that new road signs are planned for Long Lane, warning that there is no pavement between The Stag and Waterfield. We’re sure the intention is good, but is this really a good use of our public money? Long Lane is a rural lane which self-evidently has no pavements once you pass The Stag, you only have to look! 

We know that many residents really value the rural feel of Chorleywood, and don’t want urbanised street clutter to spread any further than necessary - many highways authorities are working to reduce the number of road signs, not add to them. 

You might want to let Hertfordshire Highways know how you feel - maybe the money can be spent making Chorleywood more attractive, not less! If so, email and copy your Herts County Councillor Phil Williams at

Chorleywood Cricket Pavillion Plans are approved

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:49 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

We are delighted that the recent Three Rivers District Council Planning meeting unanimously approved the plans for a new pavilion. 

The months of unstinting support from our Parish Council, local Councillors, local community groups such as: Chorleywood Residents Association, Friends of Chorleywood Common, the church and all those who wrote in to support the application, were crucial to gaining approval.

Chorleywood Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble, extend their thanks and warm appreciation for all the support we have received from these groups and wider local community.  

Fencing works bordering Chorleywood House Estate are progressing well

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:48 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

If you have recently driven past Chorleywood House Estate you will have seen that work is well underway to remove the dilapidated wooden fence panels and install the new knee high rail.  The final section is expected to be completed in April. 

This significant improvement has come about in part through the efforts and persistence of Owen Edis, chair of CRA and the Friends of Chorleywood House Estate.

Reminder - Chorleywood Neighbourhood Plan - Public Consultation

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:47 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Three Rivers District Council is seeking views on the planning policies contained within the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The consultation will run for a six week period. The final submitted documents and information on how to make representations can be found on the Three Rivers District Council website by clicking here.

All representations must be made to TRDC by 5pm on Monday 30th March 2020.

South West Herts, your future

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:47 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

The Councils that makeup South West Herts want to know what matters to the people who live and work in the area and what will improve it. To do so they are engaging in community consultation.  You can see the overall timeline at and provide your feedback using this online poll

The poll closes at the end of March.

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