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Update on Chorleywood Signal Box Project

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:32 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

The signal box project is now in full swing with five meetings to date of the committee, from which a comprehensive administrative framework has been established. Read more on the news page of our brand new website

Next steps are to fund the refurbishment of inside the signal box and provide safe access from the station, bearing in mind it is situated on a working railway. It is estimated that these works would cost in the region of £15,000. To bring this exciting project to reality the project team are actively fund raising starting with Just Giving (see home page of our website) and applying for grants from local authorities and the lottery. 

We need to preserve these important heritage sites as once they have gone they have gone for ever.

(Picture of "Up Met Goods train June 1934".  Note that the station name back then was "Chorley Wood and Chenies")

CCSG Supporting Chorleywood - One Year On

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:32 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

It’s a year since our CRA colleague Vanessa set up the Chorleywood Corona Support Group, mobilising a fantastic team of volunteers to support Chorleywood as we, and the whole country, faced the harsh reality of the Covid pandemic.  

My goodness, the scale of the CCSG team’s work over the last 12 months is truly breath-taking. Here’s a photo summary of their achievements, as a celebration of the wonderful dedication and support they have provided in these very difficult times ... CCSG in a year (pdf download).  
Our heartfelt thanks go to all the CCSG team for all they’ve done, and continue to do, for those in need in our village.  

Jane Tozer, Chairman and all of the CRA Executive team

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - Vote YES

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:31 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

As part of the 6th May elections, residents will be asked whether they support the adoption of the Chorleywood Neighbourhood Plan. The plan, which was developed by the Parish Council in association with your Residents' Association along with other local organisations, provides specific policies to influence development around Chorleywood and to protect the area from inappropriate or unsustainable development. With the current drive to significantly increase building around Three Rivers District, this plan can provide a vital tool in protecting Chorleywood and its character. More detail on the plan can be found at
We would encourage all residents to take this opportunity to vote "YES" - the more support the plan gets from residents the more seriously Three Rivers District Council will take the provisions of the Neighbourhood Plan when considering planning applications.

Would you like to get involved?

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:31 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Our Chorleywood Residents’ Association AGM will be held in May, and we'll be inviting nominations for committee members.  Details of the arrangements for the AGM will be provided in the April email newsletter and Spring TCR magazine.

In particular this year we will need a new Secretary because, to the Executive Committee's unanimous regret, David Hiddleston has decided it’s time for him to step down.  CRA Chairman, Jane Tozer, will say more about his excellent support for CRA at the AGM, but meanwhile has asked David for a candidate specification.  
Jane says that David gave his usual clear advice, we need someone who is "Tall, handsome, intelligent, visionary, articulate, literate, organised, sense of humour, good listener, computer literate, team player, unflappable and all round good egg!”.  Needless to say he also provided a proper job spec!  If you’re interested and want to hear more about the role please contact Jane at  

River Chess and Sewage

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:31 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

We mentioned recently that Thames Water identified significant groundwater ingress points into Chesham's sewers. This extra water, on top of wet weather, adds to the frequency of sewage releases polluting the Chess.  We’re pleased to say that Thames Water recently started work to fix the issue in ten Chesham hotspots for groundwater infiltration. They will work overnight to minimise disruption. 

The River Chess Association believes discharges are happening every day, making nearly 50 days in a row.  A wet spring might beat the 2014 record of 92 continuous daily events.  The River Chess Association are meeting with Thames Water soon, to discuss the situation. 

Meanwhile we’re pleased to tell you our MP Gagan Mohindra fully supports Philip Dunne MP’s Sewage (Inland Waters) Private Member’s Bill, which if passed into law will require water companies to:
  • take steps to stop discharging sewage into rivers in England;
  • set out plans to reduce their reliance on combined sewer overflows (CSOs);
  • publicly report on the number, condition and quality of sewage discharges in CSOs. 
Over 130 MPs have already shown their support for this Bill.  Gagan welcomes any constituents’ letters of support for the Bill, and signatures on any petitions doing the rounds, to help him demonstrate support from his constituency for these important measures.  

TRDC Tree Strategy - Have your Say!

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:30 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

TRDC are in the process of updating their Tree Strategy for 2022-2027.  We’re very pleased that they want to hear from stakeholders throughout the process.  You can find a briefing document on the process here trdc-tree-strategy-briefing-document-2021.pdf (pdf download).

We hope many residents will complete TRDC's initial survey, seeking your views on the priorities, which you can open by clicking this link.  This survey closes at midday next Sunday, 29th March.  You can also add extra comments in the box at the end of the survey.   Note there will be a further consultation period, on the draft Tree Strategy, later on in August and September 2021.

Replacement Trees - where are they needed?

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:30 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

We were pleased to hear recently that TRDC has approved a motion to plant one native British stock tree for every tree removed by TRDC in the District due to poor health or planning needs, great news!   Meanwhile, the trees in our verges are owned by HCC.  We know that HCC has recently replaced some trees which were removed by HCC in the last few years.  If you know of any other HCC removals which have not yet been replaced, please send both us and HCC Cllr Phil Williams ( the location details.

The High Cost of Litter and Doggy Doo!

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:29 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

In Chorleywood, I think many of us would agree that our beautiful Common has been one of the saving grace’s of Covid. Our very own 200 acre Local Nature Reserve and Conservation Area with its rich biodiversity, expertly managed by Chorleywood Parish Council (CPC), is enjoyed by hundreds every day.  It’s therefore a great shame that it's not always treated with the respect it deserves. 
With the rapid rise in dog ownership, and with walking one of the few permitted forms of outdoor exercise during the lockdowns, it’s been heartening to see the Common bring joy to so many, but deeply disappointing to see the lack of respect shown by a mindless few.  The increased litter and dog waste have sadly been evident for all to see. CPC spend £10,000 a year on clearing away the dog waste, and clear over 80 sacks of litter/recycling/waste from the Common every week, which include 14 sacks of dropped litter! They provide dog waste bags, available in their office reception area; have provided 15 red dog waste bins and have increased the number of litter bins. It’s actually illegal not to pick up and dispose of dog waste rightfully, punishable with fines up to £1,000. 
On behalf of all residents, we ask everyone to please take their litter home, to pick up after their dogs and dispose of waste responsibly. This does not mean tying it to trees/fences or leaving it in bags on the ground, it means putting it in one of the appropriate bins or taking it home with you.

New pavements, but now we need new verges

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:29 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Residents will no doubt have noticed the resurfacing of the pavement and driveways along Chalfont Lane. Sadly during this process parts of the verges have been decimated. The CRA have been in contact with the contractors, Ringway, who have said they will remove the debris and add new top soil and seed.  The acquisition of top soil is proving problematic, but Ringway assure us it’s in hand.  We will of course continue to monitor the situation to ensure that our verges are made good again.

Residents wishing to report damage to verges or pavements may do so at Herts County Council using by clicking this link

Other good news is that the junction of Chalfont Lane and Blacketts Wood Drive has also been resurfaced.  Residents wishing to report poor road surfaces, potholes, sunken drains etc., are encouraged to do so by clicking this link.

Fuel Merchants back in Chorleywood?

posted 29 Mar 2021, 01:29 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Longstanding, eagle eyed residents may well have spotted the old F.W. & H. Miles Fuel Merchants sign behind the old Peppermill fascia, undoubtedly evoking a little nostalgia. It was a tiny office with some sacks of coal in the window, where you could go and order your coal. There were houses in Chorleywood who depended heavily on these coal supplies, since they did not have heating, only fireplaces.  

The shop then became part of another Chorleywood institution, The Peppermill, which had been established by Pepe and Suzanne Vasquez in 1968. Though we are saddened to see an institution like the dearly loved Peppermill disappear, the memory of Suzanne’s incredible chocolate covered choux buns, stuffed full of fresh cream, will never leave us,

it is wonderful to see our beloved book shop expanding and moving into that space.  Congratulations to Sheryl and her team, the CRA wish them every success in their new home.  Broadband permitting they will be moving into their new home this weekend.  Despite the challenges of 2020, their desire to be able to offer us a bigger and better bookshop never waned. The new shop will allow them to bring us more of what we love, along with the opportunity to host intimate author events and promotions.

To keep up to date with all of the latest bookshop news and offers then please subscribe to their newsletter via their website

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