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posted 25 Apr 2020, 00:14 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

A number of residents have contacted CRA asking for guidance on what can be done as they have been affected by their neighbour's bonfires during this period of lockdown and suspension of the garden waste collection service.

If you are considering having a bonfire please think about your neighbours who may wish to enjoy their gardens, have their windows open or be suffering from asthma or other conditions that could be aggravated by smoke inhalation. Whilst bonfires are not illegal they are anti-social in this warm weather.

The official Government Bonfire Guidelines can be found at  These are the national rules which apply in Three Rivers.  There may also be local bylaws to further limit the use of bonfires, e.g. in clean air zones.

If a bonfire is causing you a nuisance, TRDC recommend in first instance approach the person causing it and politely make them aware. Often people are not aware that they are causing a nuisance.

There is a more information on the TRDC website at including a complaints procedure.