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Broadband Speeds in Chorleywood

posted 4 Oct 2015, 06:27 by   [ updated 4 Oct 2015, 06:27 ]
A local resident, who lives on Whitelands Avenue, has discovered he gets nothing like his paid for 152Mbps from Virgin Media at peak times (evenings and weekends). Whilst he doesn't really expect to get the full 152Mbps, the amount he is getting is more like 5Mbps, i.e. about 3% of what they are selling him. 
He works with the telecoms industry so he phoned their customer services department and was told that there is one single cable that runs into Chorleywood and that VM throttle (limit) the traffic to 5Mbps at peak times or else they couldn't manage the demand. 
There are two key points to come out of this.  Firstly, they are unable to meet the service which they advertise so they offered him a £12.50 refund off his bill every month.  This is probably applicable to a lot of people in Chorleywood suffering the same problem with Virgin Media so there is a lot of money that could be saved. 
Secondly, they currently have a date scheduled for 11th November to significantly increase the bandwidth into Chorleywood.  This requires an expensive dig and the date keeps slipping. The reason the date keeps slipping is because few people have bothered calling VM Customer Service and registering a complaint - only 30 in total. The date of 11th November will keep slipping indefinitely unless more people complain to Virgin Media - it's already been slipping for a year. 
If you are a Virgin Media customer in Chorleywood and feel you are being short changed, contact Virgin Media to get a refund for the slow service and register a complaint to ensure that the infrastructure in Chorleywood eventually gets upgraded.