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Chorleywood Businesses Meeting 18th June

posted 7 Jul 2019, 03:48 by Chorleywood Residents' Association
We live in changing times for retailers and the impact can be very clearly seen in our own village. CRA has excellent connections with our local authorities so we recently hosted a meeting of local businesses to ascertain how we could help them by using our contacts.

Our joint conclusion was that Chorleywood has many strengths that can be built on and that there are opportunities to make it even better if together we can address five key areas:
  1. Getting a viable post office back asap
  2. Improving parking
  3. Ensuring rent and rates are affordable
  4. Improving the overall look of the village
  5. Exploring ways for our retailers to work together. 
Further meetings are planned to follow through on various ideas and to create a plan for building on the undoubted opportunities that exist so as to ensure that our village keeps pace with modern times and continues to prosper.

However, CRA and the businesses cannot work alone. We need to collect as many ideas as possible, so if you have any suggestions please mail them to