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Chorleywood Twinning Association hosting visitors from Dardilly from 13th April to 17th April

posted 1 Feb 2019, 02:13 by Mike Stansfield   [ updated 1 Feb 2019, 05:43 ]

Every year the Chorleywood Twinning Association arrange exchange visits in which groups of families, couples and individuals from Chorleywood visit Dardilly (Chorleywood’s twin town in France) and vice versa. Visitors stay with local families in the host town and efforts are made to ensure that host families and their guests have something in common, taking into account ages of children, profession, interests, etc.  The host families and the organising committees from both towns are always very welcoming and do their best to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time when visiting.

This year’s exchange takes place on Saturday 13th April to Wednesday 17th April. There will be a number of Dardillois visiting Chorleywood and the CTA are looking for families in Chorleywood who would be willing to host some of them.  Accommodation had already been arranged for many of the visitors but the association still need to find hosts for individuals, couples and some French families. The families consist of one adult and two children (eldest is 15) who are visiting for the first time so in this case local families with teenage girls and boys would be ideal. 

NB: Please see Chorleywood Twinning Association which gives further information re hosting practicalities. 

The CTA are arranging a programme of events such as outings to places of interest nearby and in London. The programme will cater for all age ranges so for example this year we are planning visits to:

·         Harry Potter studios;

·         Blenheim Palace;

·         Frogmore paper Mill;

·         Postal Museum in London;

·         There is also free time for guests and their hosts to “do their own thing”.


A ‘soiree’ including food and drink has been planned for Sunday evening 14th April which will  be free of charge to anyone hosting.


In all the 4 days make for a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you interested and think you can help then please e-mail the CTA secretary or the CTA chairperson Caroline Bartlett at