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CRA Planning Policy Explained

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:10 by Chorleywood Residents' Association   [ updated 31 Jul 2020, 05:16 ]
There has been some confusion over the neutral position the association has taken with regard to planning applications. The Residents' Association's neutral stance is related to all applications not any specific application. In reality, we found that our objections were not given any more weight by the planning authorities than those of any other resident but it left us in a position where we could not, in truth, be said to be representing all the residents of Chorleywood as there are invariably opinions on both sides for any application.
From our experience, the best way that we can help residents is through providing advice on planning rules and recent decisions to help them either form their own applications or to object to any they are concerned about. If it will help, we will also provide someone with experience of the planning system to speak on behalf of residents at planning meetings. As part of our role of informing & helping the community we are always willing to distribute suitable materials from other groups that might assist in this objective through our mailing list, social media accounts and website.
The only thing we do not do is to send a comment in to the council though individual Executive Committee members are now free to make their own comments in a personal capacity. Thus, recently Executive Committee members have been able to submit their own objections to applications which they would not have been able to do previously as they could have undermined what the association had said.
Full detail of the policy and the background to it can be viewed here.
If you have any questions or comments about planning including planning applications, the new Local Plan and the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan please do not hesitate to contact us at