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Gagan Mohindra raises Build, Build, Build vs Chorleywood’s Green Belt in PMQ’s

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:10 by Chorleywood Residents' Association
On Wednesday this week MP Gagan Mohindra raised the urgent problem of balancing PM Boris Johnson’s call to “Build, Build, Build” to meet housing needs against the importance of protecting Chorleywood’s Green Belt.  The PM’s answer was to use brownfield sites, but unfortunately this is of little help to Chorleywood because TRDC has very few brownfield sites.  
The root cause of TRDC's and our Green Belt problem is the government’s unrealistically high housing need targets, in an area which is ~80% Green Belt.  Your Residents’ Association has written to our MP urging him to press the government to review and reduce these housing need targets, which would allow TRDC to put in place the much-needed protection of an approved Local Plan.
You can see Gagan’s question and the Prime Minister’s answer here:

And the Chorleywood Residents’ Association's letter to our MP Gagan Mohindra is here: