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Garden waste collections consultation

posted 4 Oct 2015, 06:30 by
Three Rivers District Council is looking at the future of garden waste collections, in particular whether to continue to collect garden waste as a service chargeable to residents, or to discontinue collections altogether. The Council wants to know what residents think about these options by asking residents to have their say through a public consultation. 

In common with all other local authorities, Three Rivers District Council is facing ever increasing financial pressure from the government. Cuts in central government grant and restrictions on Council Tax increases mean that it is now faced with the very real possibility of having to cut services or find new sources of income through additional charges. All aspects of the Council’s services are being looked at, including the Council’s refuse and recycling services. 

The Council has a statutory duty to collect domestic refuse and recycling free of charge, and it is committed to providing a weekly collection for household recycling and food waste. However, when it comes to the collection of garden waste the Council is faced with a difficult decision. The free service which it currently provides is well used and popular with residents, but local authorities are not obliged to collect garden waste; some councils now make a charge for collecting it (around a third of councils in England charge residents for this service) whilst others do not offer a garden waste collection at all. 

If the Council is to balance its budget in the future it may be forced to either stop collecting garden waste altogether, or start charging for the service, as it currently costs £95 per household per year to collect and dispose of garden waste. These options will be subject to a public consultation until noon on Wednesday 21st October 2015. The Council will use the information obtained to determine whether a sufficient number of households may be prepared to pay a small charge for the collection of garden waste, and what alternative arrangements residents might make for its disposal. 

The consultation can be viewed at

For those without access to a computer, please ring 01923 776611 to request a hard-copy of the survey and a reply-paid envelope. Hard copy surveys must also have arrived at the Council offices by noon on Wednesday 21st October 2015.