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Government White Paper - "Planning For the Future"

posted 27 Oct 2020, 06:24 by Chorleywood Residents' Association
As discussed in our note of 4th September, the government has recently issued two consultation papers on proposed changes to the planning framework for England. These have the potential to significantly impact Chorleywood by changing the amount of development that will be required in the Three Rivers district and the rules that control it. 
Overall the White Paper is very high level and, whilst it contains some elements that appear on the surface to address some of the existing problems in the current planning system, without fully understanding the detail that will underpin these concepts, it is hard to provide many detailed comments or to be certain they will address the problems. As such we are keeping our response (which can be found here) at a fairly high level focussing on the following main areas of concern:
  • The need for housing requirement targets to take into account constraints on available land due to Green Belt, AONB, Conservation Areas and wildlife sites so that housing is not required to be built in or directly impacting these areas.
  • The need for the local voice to be clearly heard in deciding the categorisation of land, the design requirements for new housing and the final design of new development.
  • The need for infrastructure to be provided before new development is undertaken. 
We will be submitting our comments to the ministry and copying them to our MP by the closure date for responses which is 29th October. Once the Green Paper, which must contain the full legislative detail, is published we will be able to understand much better the true impact of the proposals and we will supply further comment to our representatives. 
A full copy of the government’s consultation paper is available at
If you wish, you can provide your views directly to our MP at or by submitting a response to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government at