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Great news for our Post Office

posted 27 Jul 2020, 04:10 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

Since the Post Office asked for help from the Chorleywood Residents’ Association (CRA) in finding a temporary or permanent site for a Post Office, we have been very busy canvassing businesses for a solution. Thanks to the tireless and persistent efforts of our Executive Committee member Lisa Stewart, at last we have some great news for Chorleywood residents on this front!

So far, we have had five retailers making enquiries, and are delighted to announce that in order to serve our community, Lords have kindly offered to provide space free of charge for a post office cube to be installed, initially on a temporary basis for 3 months. The Post Office have found someone to run it and are just finalising logistics, but hope to have it up and running w/c 3rd August.

This means that we will still require a permanent site. A permanent site would require just a single counter position, or alternatively, the Post Office can provide one of their kiosks, a 1 sqm cube, which is fully self-contained and just needs power and 4G. The two sites which were being considered, the library and the Co-op, have been ruled out for now, hence the need to find a new site.

Anyone applying to run the service does not require any experience, training will be provided. If anyone is interested in managing our Post Office on a permanent basis, please contact Elaine Ashcroft at Interim Enterprises Ltd on 07384 315764, who manage placements for the Post Office.

If you are interested in incorporating a permanent Post Office facility within your retail outlet, or in applying to run the Post Office, please click on this link: Chorleywood Town Post Office

If you have any problems, please contact Graham Simmons, our Area Network Manager, by email at