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Heathrow Airspace Changes

posted 17 Feb 2019, 03:20 by Chorleywood Residents' Association   [ updated 17 Feb 2019, 03:28 ]
Some residents have noticed the increased air traffic over Chorleywood in the last year. Complaints are about the constant drone of airliners passing overhead sometimes stacking to land at Heathrow. Coincidentally many local residents will have received a leaflet through their letterboxes about a consultation on potential changes to flight paths from Heathrow both for the existing runways and, if it is ever built, for the new third runway.

A representative of Chorleywood Residents' Association has met with the group consulting on the new flight paths to understand the impact on the Chorleywood area. Documentation has been gathered that shows the flight paths at different altitudes.

Overall, it appears good news. Currently, a fairly large numbers of flights departing Heathrow pass over the Chorleywood area at about 6,000 feet. This is quite high and should produce sound of a volume of no more than that of conservational speech but it certainly has been noticed by some residents of the area. If the new flight paths are introduced as proposed, no flights should pass over Chorleywood at a height of less than 7,000 feet, hopefully reducing the level of disturbance to below that which will be noticeable.

The consultation remains open until 4th March 2019 and you can participate and find out more information at