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Help find Swifts in Three Rivers

posted 5 Jun 2020, 01:34 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

While staying local this spring, RSPB asks Chorleywood Residents to turn their eyes to the skies and help with the RSPB swift survey. In 2019 screaming gangs of swifts were reported in the area around Capell Road, Chorleywood and nest boxes have been installed. But they used to be very much more common. 
Artwork: Mike Langman, 

Our swifts are on a steep decline. They are with us in May, June and July, and bring spectacular action to our urban skies. But in the last 20 years their numbers have halved. They fly low in screaming gangs at high speeds, in their search for nesting sites in our roofs, gables and walls. And that is the problem - we have blocked up all their nesting holes! They only nest on our buildings and we are refusing to let them in. 

A group of local residents has come together to find out how we can help.  

If you have screaming bands of swifts in your street this summer, or if you think they are nesting, please let us know. It might be possible to help them by providing extra nest boxes.  

Please send your sightings of low flying swifts, or nesting sites, this spring to: and include the date, road name and approximate number of swifts seen.  The Chorleywood representative of this group is Michael Hyde, who will gladly answer your questions, please email