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Green Street East Proposal


This page provides information about the proposal for up to 800 dwellings to be built on Land East of Green Street. The most recent updates are at the top of the page, with earlier updates below. This is site PCS4 in the Local Plan.

This site has previously been put forward to be considered for housing in the new Local Plan that is under development but, with the delay in the Local Plan process it appears that the owners have decided to go ahead with an application under the existing Local Plan rules. 

Update 18th June 2020 - The Planning Applications to build either 300 or 800 houses on land adjacent to Green Street, Chorleywood have been posted onto the TRDC Planning Portal.  Further information below.

Planning applications published on TRDC Planning Portal - 18th June 2020

The Planning Applications to build either 300 or 800 houses on land adjacent to Green Street, Chorleywood have been posted today onto the TRDC Planning Portal and are therefore now available for your examination and, if you wish, comment. Links to the applications are below and, if you click on the Application Request, this should take you to the details of the application on the TRDC website. If you have any problems with this, you can find the application through the Search on the TRDC Planning Portal by searching for the Ref.

If you or any residents have any comments on either of the applications below, these can be submitted: 
  • through the "Comments" tab in the application on the TRDC Planning Portal,
  • by email through, or
  • by writing to Planning Department, Three Rivers District Council, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth Herts WD3 1RL.
According to the published timetable, comments can be submitted on the applications up to the 19th July.  

Please note that comments submitted on planning applications are made available online by TRDC. Personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and names will be removed/redacted but property addresses will be shown online. Please do not include any personal information you would not be happy to be publicly available in your comment. 

Due to the scale of these applications and the potential impact on the local area it is likely that they will be called in to be considered by the TRDC Planning Committee where a decision on them will be made in public and we will certainly be working to try and ensure that this happens. We will ensure that residents are kept up to date on the exact timing and process for the applications to be considered.  

If we can help with regard to these applications or any other planning matter,please do not hesitate to contact through or

Applications for 300 or 800 houses received by TRDC - 6th May 2020

Two applications to develop housing on the Green Street East site have been received today (6th May 2020) by Three Rivers District Council. One application is for approximately 800 dwellings and the other, alternative application is for 300 dwellings. The applications will now go through the councils initial checking and once this is complete, they will appear in the planning portal for public review and comment. We will monitor the TRDC planning site and once the applications are available to view we will notify residents

Letter setting out alternative proposals for 300 or 800 dwellings - 25th April 2020

The owners now intend to submit two applications by the beginning of May this year.   One will be for the full site and a possible 800 dwellings; one for part only of the site and a possible 300 dwellings.

When the Council receive the applications they will notify adjoining owners under the usual procedure. This may be limited.

All residents will be able to make representations.  We will report in our e-Newsletter and Planning Updates as soon as we become aware of these applications.

The owners have set out their position and their case for the proposals in a letter which you can view by clicking this link.

Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion Request - January 2020

In our planning update of 15th January we included a note on 20/0002/EIAS which relates to this site. 20/0002/EIAS is an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion Request (EIAS) with regard to the proposed development at Green Street. This is different from a normal planning application, as it does not request permission to develop anything but rather to agree the scope of document that will, later, be presented as part of the final planning permission request. This is not the time to register objections. CRA will be registering some comments on the scope of the impact assessment, in particular around the limits proposed to the traffic impact assessment. If you do wish to comment on the proposed scope, this can be done in the usual way.

It is our understanding that the actual Planning Application for Green Street will now probably not be submitted until February or March. Once we know it has been submitted, we will advise residents in the usual way.

Residents' Association Public Meeting - 20th November 2019

The association held a public meeting on the 20th November at 7:30 pm in the Common Room at the Memorial Hall to allow us to hear from residents on this proposal and to answer any questions about the process the application will go through & how best to engage with it.

Following the meeting, CRA issued the following communication on 25th November 2019.


CRA Communication: Proposal by Chilterns Hills Golf Limited to build 700 to 800 dwellings on Green Street East

There is much concern locally over the proposed housing development off Green Street.

Following the recent exhibition at the Golf Club, CRA held a public meeting that was attended by between 80 and 100 residents, to give their views and hear how the process is expected to evolve. The feedback we’ve received is that the meeting was useful. We are sorry there wasn’t enough room for all who wanted to attend.

You may be aware that the Green Street site was already being considered as a potential site for development as part of the ‘Local Plan Call for Sites’. Your Residents’ Association carried out a full analysis of the issues pertaining to this site, which it provided to TRDC planners this time last year. A copy of this analysis can be found on our website through this link.

Our public meeting asked for more information on the process and timings, so here are brief notes on how we can expect it to proceed and when we should respond. All planning applications go through this process, which is governed by predefined rules: 
  1. There is no value in objecting to Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) until a planning application has been submitted. This is because planning officers can only take comments once a formal planning application is received and an official number is allocated. This is expected to be in January 2020.

  2. Whilst it is not yet the right time to comment, the association felt it was important to hold the first public meeting now, as the available timescale when the application has been submitted will be short. Early engagement enables time to gather any evidence and for residents to organise for responses at the appropriate time.

  3. Once the application is submitted, it will be loaded to the TRDC Planning Website ( where interested parties can view the details of the application and, if they wish, comment on it.

  4. The council provide 21 days for comments to be submitted to them. CRA will be checking the TRDC Planning Website and advise residents once the application is open for comments, along with further information about how best to provide comments.

  5. As part of the decision-making process, the Chorleywood Parish Council Planning Committee will consider the application and, if they have significant concerns, can require any decision on the application to be made in public by the TRDC Planning Committee (which is made up of TRDC councillors rather than officers).

  6. At both Parish and TRDC Planning Committees there is the opportunity for one objector and one supporter to make a short presentation to the committee, before they decide.

  7. Depending on the timing of the submission, it is likely that the application will be considered at the 28th January or 3rd March meetings of the Parish Planning Committee, and the 27th February or 19th March meetings of the TRDC Planning Committee.
Whilst writing to the planning officers before the submission of the application is of no value, you may wish to contact your local Councillor. However, please bear in mind that TRDC Councillors on the Planning Committee can listen but not respond. This is because they might then be thought to have a decided position beforehand, and they would have to recuse themselves from the decision-making process. Details of TRDC councillors can be found at Local councillors currently on the Planning Committee are Raj Khiroya and Marilyn Butler.

As the process evolves, CRA will communicate to residents through its eNewsletters, Twitter and Facebook accounts, providing further advice and guidance. Please encourage neighbours and friends who may not receive regular communications from CRA to sign up via our website – it is very easy to do here. Being on the mailing list is free and users can easily unsubscribe later if they wish.

The CRA is a volunteer run organisation with very limited funds. Our funds come through annual donations and the 100 Club, where residents can contribute and have the chance to win cash prizes in a monthly draw. Details of how to support the association can be found on our Support Us page.

Whilst we don’t have the funds to employ professional help to support resident’s concerns, the CRA does have considerable expertise on our Executive Committee, and can help residents to understand the process and formulate comments to send to the planning authorities. Our planning experts are Jon Bishop and Richard Dwyer. Once the planning application is submitted, they will analyse the proposals and provide further guidance on how to submit comments along with information on legitimate planning objections for inclusion in individual responses. Individual responses are important as the number of these carries more weight than a single response from CRA. 

During the remainder of this year, CRA will attempt to have further contact with the site owner to discuss the concerns of residents and possibly suggest a smaller scheme which could have benefits for Chorleywood. This would be in terms of extra local trade and the more varied housing types needed in our area, without the potential significant negative impacts of the current proposal.

Please note that whilst this communication is largely directed at the development in the Green Street area, CRA exists to provide guidance to residents on a wide range of issues in Chorleywood Parish and to help residents in making the right connections to resolve those issues. In accordance with our commitment to represent all residents of Chorleywood, the Residents’ Association will provide advice and guidance to all residents, whatever their view, on how to comment on any issue. At any time you can email us on

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter at:
It is our intention to hold a further public meeting at a larger venue once the planning application is submitted.

Thank you for your support.

Owen Edis
CRA Chairman

Link to email archive


Public Exhibition - 12th and 13th November 2019

Chiltern Hills Golf Club Ltd held a public exhibition of the proposals on Tuesday 12th November 2019 and Wednesday 13th November 2019.  Members of the project team were on-hand to answer questions, and feedback forms were available for comments.
You can see a copy of the exhibition boards used by following this link.  These boards provide a lot of information about the proposals.