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Meeting with Martin Trevitt

posted 21 Dec 2015, 00:47 by   [ updated 21 Dec 2015, 00:50 ]
Notes from a meeting between Martin Trevitt and CPC Vice-Chair on 7 Dec 2015.

1. Parking at Heronsgate:
This is on hold as the parking engineer left at the end of October and as yet a suitable replacement hasn’t been found.

2. Developments for Budgens:
Nothing so far. Another application is anticipated sometime

3. Stn Road, Ricky:
Work was needed on a gas main . There is a bridge weakness and this will be dealt with over Easter, hopefully quite quickly.

4. Update on the play area:
There is a further meeting this Wed. There will be a public meeting on 19th Jan. and a full Com. meeting on the 23rd Feb., when anyone is allowed to speak. Martin asked the CRA to publicise this as well as the other channels. The TRDC Leisure Committee meet on 16th March when, hopefully, the final decision is to be ratified.

5.  Possible effects of HS2:
There’s been no application for a service site at jct. 17. However there will be a ‘village’ of 200 people located at West Hyde and will be sited there for 10 years. This item did not need planning permission.

6.  Dog control orders:
These will come into effect on the 1 st April and fines will be given for people failing to abide by them which includes clearing up after their dogs. The Rangers will be given this authority.

7. Park & Stride
Martin is hoping that HCC will comply with TRDC request to limit the crossing lights use only prior to school opening and after school closing hours.

AOB. Waste collection and brown bins:
There will be a meeting tonight (7 Dec), but no decision will be made until 23rd Feb. after the budget is clearer. There is a reluctance to make any charge and the maximum for emptying the brown bin will be no more than £35 per year.