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Play Area - Results of CRA Survey

posted 15 Feb 2016, 12:26 by   [ updated 15 Feb 2016, 12:50 ]
The Executive Committee of Chorleywood Residents' Association (CRA) has been aware for some time that whilst an opinion regarding the location of the proposed play area has been expressed on behalf of CRA, this has no quantifiable backing.

With residents split as to the best location for the play area, we do not believe that CRA is in a position to promote a favoured site. However, we do believe that it is important for the Parish Councillors, who are the residents' elected representatives, to have input from the potential users of the proposed play area and for this reason CRA has surveyed the views of residents regarding the recommended location.

These results are presented from a position of neutrality and we hope that our Councillors will accept the findings as a useful guide as to the wishes of residents when making their long awaited decision on the location for the play area.

We have prepared a summary report of the results from this survey. The full report is also available, including verbatim all the comments made. Click on the links to download as PDFs whichever (or both) versions you would like to see.

The conclusion to be drawn from the survey is that the majority of potential users would prefer the play area to be at site 13 on the Common because it is nearer the village centre, does not involve crossing a busy main road and is within walking distance for the majority of users.

If you wish to respond to anything in this survey, please email: