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Play Area Update

posted 24 Dec 2015, 00:36 by
The final meeting of the Play Area Advisory Committee (PAAC) was held on 15th December.  This was to conclude the ranking and weighting of the issues raised in the independent reports as to the best location for a play area in Chorleywood. Although the ranking can still be seen as subjective and is not without its flaws, Chorleywood House Estate has marginally taken the lead over the Common by just 2 points.  Both locations on the Common came joint second in the ranking, however Grove Wood, as was expected, came out the least favourable location.  The Parish Council ratified the removal of Grove Wood at their recent EGM and residents have received a letter confirming this.

Three Rivers DC hold the funds for the play area and have always maintained that Chorleywood House Estate (CHE) is the wrong place, due to it being more than a 10 minute walk, or more than 400m from the most densely populated part of the village.   If they reject this location we may lose out on a play area for the children of the village after nearly 20 years in the making.  The PAAC felt they had no option but to put CHE forward due to the ranking outcome, yet it is not a cut and dried situation and a second option has been agreed. There are two locations on the Common to consider, location 13 adjacent to Shepherds bridge car park and location 15 adjacent to the station car park entrance, opposite the Old Shepherd pub.  On balance location 13 was chosen as having the least impact on the environment. However this option will only be looked at if TRDC reject Chorleywood House Estate. Should this happen it would put 6 months to a year on top of the process only to arrive exactly where we are today, which has already taken 18 months to achieve on its second time around.
The Parish Council is to hold a public forum on 23rd February 2016 so that the Chair of the PAAC can present their findings and residents can voice their opinions on the recommendations. This is yet to be confirmed as all Parish Councillors are requested to be there.

The Parish Council has agreed to put a link on their website for the public to review all independent reports and the information used  by the PAAC. This is important so that all residents are clear on the factors pertaining to this decision. It will also help clear up some of the misinformation that has been published in the media. The facts should speak for themselves.

Chorleywood Residents' Association will be conducting a survey of all its members to ask where you think the best place for a play area should be, taking into consideration all the information that is now in the public domain. If you wish to let us know your views in advance of the public meeting, please contact our PAAC representative ( or leave a comment on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Alternatively you can write to the Parish Council to put your views on record.