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Proposed 20mph speed limit zone

posted 25 Apr 2020, 00:15 by Chorleywood Residents' Association

The response rate to the recent survey was 20% which equates to 459 households; 58% (266) of which were in favour. The criteria for the proposal to move to the consultation stage were 10% response and 55% in favour, so the consultation phase will proceed.

400 individual comments have yet to be analysed by HCC.

The following questions raised by CRA remain unanswered:

  • Cost of the survey, consultation and implementation
  • Speeds measured in each of the roads
  • Distribution and type of signage required
When the consultation process starts we will provide background information to residents, including the answers to these questions, so that you can make an informed judgement.
As a reminder, the letter and map with the list of affected roads can be found on our website here