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Proposed introduction of 20 mph Speed Limit in Chorleywood

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:51 by Chorleywood Residents' Association
A number of households have received a letter from Herts County Council outlining the proposed introduction of a 20mph speed limit in 35 roads in Chorleywood, with an invitation to respond. If the responses are 55% in favour the scheme will be put to public consultation, though it is not clear to what base the 55% figure applies.

However, any such scheme would impact everyone in the area and in particular those living and travelling in Chorleywood West i.e. the village side of the motorway, so we are publicising the scheme to everyone.

The letter and map with the list of affected roads can be found on our website here
In order to obtain clarification as to how the responses will be assessed and to obtain additional background information we have asked for the following questions to be answered. We will publish the responses we receive for everyone to see.
  • On what number is the response rate based?  Is this all residents, adult residents or households? Are people in the Parish who live East of the M25 and, therefore,  largely disinterested included, as this would skew the figures?
  • Will the numbers pro and con be published before the consultation phase is implemented?
  • Is it all or nothing, or can individual roads opt out. If they can (and they should be able) how will the response rate be measured for each road?
  • What signs and road markings will be required and where will they be sited for each road?
  • In view of the comment that physical features are not required what were the average speeds measured and in which roads?
  • How will the limit be enforced? We would like to see a copy of the police report
  • Who requested the implementation of the scheme for so many roads in Chorleywood?
The closing date for the initial responses to a short survey is 3 April. Residents are encouraged to respond whether they are in favour or otherwise of the proposals, so please take a minute to complete the form which is a simple yes or no question. It can be found here