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Urbanisation of Chorleywood - Do we really need more road signs?

posted 22 Mar 2020, 07:50 by Chorleywood Residents' Association
CRA have heard that new road signs are planned for Long Lane, warning that there is no pavement between The Stag and Waterfield. We’re sure the intention is good, but is this really a good use of our public money? Long Lane is a rural lane which self-evidently has no pavements once you pass The Stag, you only have to look! 

We know that many residents really value the rural feel of Chorleywood, and don’t want urbanised street clutter to spread any further than necessary - many highways authorities are working to reduce the number of road signs, not add to them. 

You might want to let Hertfordshire Highways know how you feel - maybe the money can be spent making Chorleywood more attractive, not less! If so, email and copy your Herts County Councillor Phil Williams at