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Chorleywood hosts Molliefest

posted 4 Sept 2012, 13:19 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Sept 2012, 13:44 ]
It would appear that Chorleywood is due to host a fairly significant festival on Thursday 13th September 2012 with a significant number of people attending the event. 

Molliefest is a Charity event organised by the Showmans Guild to raise money for the Mollie Matthews campaign to promote awareness of an aggressive childhood cancer Neuroblastoma. It has been organised by the Showmans Guild for their members only, and is not open to the general public.

The Residents' Association became aware of the event late in August when some more regular tweets started cropping up on twitter about Molliefest and mentioning Chorleywood. Apparently Shane Richie is going to be playing at the event. There is an event page for Molliefest on Facebook and there are a few other mentions on blogs.

The event is due to run from 11am to 11pm on Thursday 13th September, in a field known locally as Smiths Field on Green Street which normally has horses grazing in it. As you drive up Green Street it's the first field on the left after the houses, below the golf course (still under construction), we've prepared a map of the location of the field. The field owner - Jon Smith - is letting the field be used to raise money for his niece. From information available online it would appear that attendees will be turning up from Thursday 13th and a lot of them camping overnight after the event and leaving on Friday 14th. There are a few comments online that people may be turning up from Wednesday 12th.

The event has been largely invisible to the local community as (a) it's not really a public event, and (b) it's in Buckinghamshire! The boundary of the field has the county boundary between Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire running along its boundary with Green Street and the houses on the west side of Green Street and then the Railway line. Hence the licence applications for the event are submitted to Chiltern District Council for Licences and forwarded to Chiltern Environmental Health and to Thames Valley Police. However the Licencing and Environmental health officers in Three Rivers are aware of the planned event.

The details on the Chiltern District Council for the Licencing Applications are available online, although they don't give much detail.

12/01170/LATEMP - Sale by Retail of Alcohol & Supply of Alcohol to Club Members for 400 people at the Marquee in Field
12/01172/LATEMP - Sale by Retail of Alcohol & Supply of Alcohol to Club Members & Regulated Entertainment for 400 people at the Motown Cafe in Field
12/01174/LATEMP - Sale by Retail of Alcohol & Supply of Alcohol to Club Members & Regulated Entertainment for 400 people at the Food Court in Field
12/01177/LATEMP - Sale by Retail of Alcohol & Supply of Alcohol to Club Members & Regulated Entertainment for 400 people at the Disco Marquee in Field
12/01179/LATEMP - Regulated Entertainment for 450 people in Childrens Corner in Field
12/01181/LATEMP - Regulated Entertainment for 499 people at the Main Stage in Field

Although the licences point to an address "Site Huts" which relate to the Chiltern Hills Golf course, we understand that the actual location is Smiths field which is the field to the south of the golf course. The Site Huts for the Golf Course is the closest property Chiltern can pin the application onto in their system. The applications that have been made to Chiltern District Council have been forwarded to Chiltern Environmental health, and Thames Valley Police.

Note that the number of people stated in each area are additive, so the entire field is licensed for over 2000 people in total. The Facebook page for the event states 1200 people are "going" and 244 are "maybe" out of a total of 2600 who are "invited". However the ticketing for the event is not done by Facebook as far as we can tell and these numbers may not represent the numbers actually attending. We've also seen some evidence of the Shane Richie Fan Club promoting tickets for the event. Tickets are a "£20 donation" to the Mollie Matthews campaign and a delivery charge.

Chiltern District have shared with us a site map which is now also on Facebook, and although its difficult to understand the orientation the site is approximately triangular in shape and 300m (1000') along each side. One side of the field has the main event marquees, labelled as Kids Corner, Mowtown Cafe, Bar, Dance Tent, and then coming out from this a Market, a Dunk Tank, a Food Court and a Main Stage. There's a large area labelled MA1 which is associated with the Main Stage in the middle of the field, and then a CA2 which we've taken a guess at a CAmping area, and PK3 which again a guess is a ParKing Area. We also note that in the corner of the field there's a stabling area for the Showman's horses.

We have been informed that the Licensing Act 2003 does not allow for any public comment in response to temporary event notices. The application is served on the Licensing Authority and a copy sent to the Police and Environmental Health. If the Police or Environmental Health consider that the provision of licensable activities will undermine one or more of the licensing objectives, as previously stated, a hearing will be held. Members of the Licensing & Regulation Committee will consider the objection notice and can decide to serve a counter notice which will stop the event from proceeding.

We hope very much that the Showmans Guild have a successful event, and that their temporary presence and hosting of Molliefest in Chorleywood will raise a lot money for the Mollie Matthews campaign. Hopefully if anyone knows how to run an event like this properly, it's got to be a group of Showmen. We also hope that the event will not cause too much disruption for the locality, and that the hours that have been agreed for the event (up to 11pm) are adhered to, especially as the local geography and depending on the weather there's a significant risk that some noise from the site will travel across the railway line into the Chenies Estate and Chorleywood West, or effect neighbours on Green Street and Orchard Drive. In the unfortunate case that there is some nuisance it can be reported to Three Rivers District Council Environmental Health on 01923 776611 or to Hertfordshire Police on 101 as they can both take action across the county boundary if necessary.

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Unknown user,
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