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Reduction in Hertfordshire County Library Hours

posted 26 Oct 2010, 12:43 by Unknown user   [ updated 26 Oct 2010, 13:12 ]
Hertfordshire County Council are looking for efficiency savings. Some reduction in services will be inevitable and it is proposed that library opening hours should be reduced by approximately 30%, while the mobile library service should be reconfigured to focus on rural areas and vulnerable users.

The proposed reduction in opening hours means that Hertfordshire's libraries would open for a total of 1,575 hours per week rather than the current 2,236 hours per week. Changes to mobile libraries would see routes serving rural areas retained while urban routes would be cancelled. 

The County Council are running a seven-week consultation from 26 October to 11 December, 2010. 
Details of the proposals can be found online (links are below) and are on display at every library and mobile library in the county. 

Comments can be recorded 
Feedback from the public consultation will be presented to Cabinet on 17 January 2011 when a final decision on the proposals will be taken.

In summary, the change for Chorleywood Library is as follows

Chorleywood Current  Proposed  Change
Monday 0900-1900  0900-1800  -1hr 
Tuesday 0900-1730  Closed -8.5hrs 
Wednesday 0900-1730 1400-1800  -4.5hrs
Thursday 0900-1730 0900-1800 +0.5hrs
Friday 0900-1730  1400-1800  -4.5hrs 
Saturday  0900-1300  0900-1600  +3hrs 
Sunday Closed  Closed  None 
Totals 48hrs  33hrs  -15hrs 

The changes proposed for Rickmansworth Library are similar.

RickmansworthCurrent Proposed Change
Monday1000-1900 0900-1900 +1hr 
Tuesday0900-1900 1400-1900-5hrs 
Wednesday0900-1900Closed -10hrs
Friday0900-1900 1400-1900 -5hrs 
Saturday 0900-1600 0900-1600  
SundayClosed Closed None 
Totals56hrs 37hrs -19hrs 

The summary of the proposals are available here:
Cabinet Meeting papers detailing the proposals are here:
  • What are your views of the proposed changes?
  • The extended opening hours on Saturday will be probably welcomed for many busy families
  • It seems a little odd that Nationwide are proposing to close on Wednesday afternoon and all day Saturday when the library next door to them in Chorleywood looks to extend their hours
Let us know your thoughts at and don't forget to feed back to the County Council.

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