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Report from Chorleywood Parish Council - 29th January 2013

posted 3 Feb 2013, 06:55 by Unknown user
In other news from the Parish Council meeting those attending the meeting because of the item about the proposed Chorleywood Play Area made the following notes:
  1. North Hill Farm had made an application for events – a licence has been granted for 40 events per year, some restrictions apply, full details available in ruling.
  2. Parish Councillor vacancy – due to the passing of Dr Norman Eve there is a PC vacancy, no applications yet received but some interest has been shown.
  3. Premier Store – alcohol licence revoked
  4. The Halls committee reported a shortfall and are seeking funds from the Parish Council to make this up, they are looking at ways to encourage more people / groups to hire the halls to stop this happening again.
  5. Grazing – CWPC has been looking at installing virtual fencing so that grazing can be reintroduced to the common. In essence this is electric fencing buried underground and the cattle wear special collars that give them a warning noise and then a very mild electric shock if they continue to stray too close to the fence. Current users of the system say that the cattle learn the boundaries within one day of usage. Chorleywood Parish Council are planning a visit to a site that uses this before progressing further
  6. Memorial for Councillor Eve – in conjunction with CERA (Chenies Estate Residents Association) the Chorleywood Parish Council are planning to jointly fund a bench on the common in memory of Councillor who passed away recently. Councillor Eve represented CERA on the Chorleywood Parish Council  As he was a cricket fan Chorleywood Parish Council will look at options to site the bench near the cricket ground on the common
  7. Phone box on Rickmansworth Road -  at the start of the meeting a member of the public, Richard Hartley, spoke on the subject of the dilapidated phone box opposite the gate. He asked that Chorleywood Parish Council take this over from BT and he outlined what could be done with it. This included moving it to the centre of the village and turning it into a feature i.e. mini museum of Chorleywood. In its current position it is prone to vandalism, is used as a public convenience as its opposite a pub and gets splashed with water from the flooded layby. Chorleywood Parish Council then went on to debate the issue and concluded that as the box is grade 2 listed they cannot take it over and it is incumbent upon BT to maintain it as they have a legal duty of care. They also said that any works other than painting and replacement of glass need written consent due to the grade 2 listing. One of the councillors has a senior contact in BT Payphones and is going to approach them about the state of the box and BTs plans for it. Chorleywood Parish Council advised that Three Rivers District Council would only step in if BT completely failed in their duty of care but would bring it to their attention. Chorleywood Parish Council deferred any action pending reports back from BT and Three Rivers District Council.