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New secondary school for Three Rivers?

posted 10 May 2010, 12:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 16 May 2010, 09:35 by Unknown user ]
A secondary school is desperately needed in the Three Rivers area.  A local action group called the WD3 Secondary School Action Group has been set up to address this very important issue for our children and the community.

The story so far....  £82.5m has been approved as capital expenditure on meeting the rising demand for school places in Herts.  However, the primary expansion has been estimated at circa £90m, and no cost has yet been attached to secondary requirements.  So, our pressure on Hertfordshire County Council continues.  We must ensure that we show County all possible reasons why we want a new school, especially in suggesting possible sites (Three Rivers District Council have suggested 8).
We are not allowed to divulge these locations, but Killingdown Farm in Croxley is common knowledge.  This is an opportunity that cannot be overlooked - it's obviously not often greenbelt is put forward for development.  It would be difficult for Hertfordshire County Council to compulsory purchase another site without proving why this one was unsuitable.  However, we believe another school in Croxley would serve West Watford, and not ease the issues for Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Mill End and Maple Cross children.

Three Rivers District Council timelines currently indicate a site wouldn't be purchased until Feb 2011 at the earliest.  We are awaiting Hertfordshire's timelines to add to this schedule and believe a school could be a possibility for Sept 2014, but more likely 2015, especially if the site is greenbelt and needs referral to the Secretary of State (athough we will be pushing hard for a speedy build).
Hertfordshire are also investigating expanding Rickmansworth & Clement Danes schools.  The cost of expansion would come from the aforementioned £82.5m,  and therefore threaten the possibility of a new school.  Westfield is due to take an additional form of entry next September (30 children).

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