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posted 6 May 2011, 04:38 by Unknown user

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The WD3 Action Group has been established by Maple Cross and Mill End parents concerned at the appalling situation facing them as they seek to transfer their children from primary into secondary school. The closure and transfer to independent status of secondary schools in the area has resulted in parents having to send their children to the other side of Watford to the worst three performing council-run schools in the county. This problem has been exacerbated by:
1) Local, independent schools setting admissions criteria that end up disadvantaging Maple Cross and Mill End children.
2) Bordering councils offering their residents more application choices than that offered by Hertfordshire County Council so that they can compete with Hertfordshire children for Hertfordshire school places without Hertfordshire children being able to compete on an equal footing. 
They are seeking to meet and organise ways in which they can place pressure on the different parties involved in providing or auditing the provision of fair and equal local school services across all of Hertfordshire. This will include local school governors; national, county and district councillors; the media; and adjudication and audit bodies. If you wish to get involved by signing any petitions; writing letters; attending action group, council or other meetings; helping with research; or in any other way; please look at the next section below or contact them on
Thus, local parents are joining together to seek to place pressure on all interested parties to seek a fair and equal access to all Hertfordshire chuildren to local school services. To find out about their objectives, click here