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WD3 school - update

posted 17 Nov 2011, 14:29 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Nov 2011, 14:30 ]
From the WD3 School website - click for their full update.

Over the summer, HCC has undertaken detailed technical investigations into the suitability of 4 local sites for a new secondary school. Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) required notification of preferred sites by 28th September 2011. A further period of public consultation is planned for November but at the time of writing this does not yet appear to have been launched. 

The consultation will be titled “Site Allocations Development Plan” and will be distributed to local households via Three Rivers Times, available on the TRDC website and in the library.  You may have responded already but…. Please take time to read the documentation and respond to the consultation.  It will be a different and more in depth consultation, and is a legal requirement for TRDC to complete. 
Frustratingly it appears that our local community are no closer to finding the pros and cons to each site than 12 months ago. However, HCC are due to recommend two sites are allocated for secondary school provision as a result of the feasibility studies. 

A final selection will be made for inclusion in the Site Allocations Development Plan.  This document must be submitted to the government in August 2012 for examination, and all being well, will be adopted in July 2013.