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Chorleywood Common User Group

Feedback from the Common Users committee meeting held on 14th September

Chorleywood Parish Council Report
The last Chorleywood Common Management Plan was done 20 years ago.  A draft addendum to this report has been produced and was circulated to those present.  The Open Spaces Committee will go through it and it will be discussed with the Countryside Management Service.

Cows will be on the Common by the end of the month.  There are positive biodiversity signs already.  Common brown rape has appeared for the first time in the meadow and the pyramid orchids have done exceptionally well.

Cattle Grazing on Chorleywood House Estate
The proposal is for approximately 18 cattle to graze on the ‘Northerly Field’ (the large sloping field that faces Sarratt across the River Chess). There are two farmers interested.  Conservation grazing is more beneficial for biodiversity (cutting is not natural as it happens all at once).  Chorleywood House Dell Field has been grazed with sheep for 7 years.

There are two proposed options for permanently fencing the area. Further information on the proposals is on the Three Rivers Council Website and you can send in your response electronically, and responses must be in by Monday 11th October 2010.

Cricket Club
The building of the new pavilion will commence at the end of 2012.

Alms House
The access road that has been in a poor state of repair, is being re-furbished.

Friends of The Common
There are close to 600 members but it’s hard to get volunteers for working parties when the need arises.  It was stressed that all tasks do not involve physical exertion.  The Parish Council want to work more closely with The Friends and also The Countryside Management Service.

Golf Club
There has been some successful recruitment of members.  Gorse and tree trimming has been undertaken.  The watering system needs updating.

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