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posted 15 Mar 2011, 15:55 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 09:17 by Unknown user ]
The situation regarding the horrific amount of dog poo on Chorleywood Common is becoming untenable, and lazy owners of dogs just walking on by once their dog has done it's business.

Certain groups within our community will not use the Common because of the risk of infection from faeces.  This includes many families with children, organised parent groups, social younger persons groups and the elderly, even dog walkers who do pick up their dog poo! .  

A local lady Kathy Hurst has an idea, she want's to police the common with people from the local community and make people aware of the extent of the problem.

She want's to produce a simple "bright/interesting" card, attached to a poo bag that can be handed out with a clear message asking people to clear up after their dogs. Kathy wants to distribute the card/poo bags to number of groups within the vicinity of the Common i.e.

The golfers/the Golf Club on the Common
Toddlers Group at Christ Church
The visitors to  Christ Church
The teachers and parents at the school at Christ Church
Other local schools
Local groups around Chorleywood
Users of the Memorial Hall etc.

The Common is for the Public to enjoy but is being spoilt by a small group of people who do not clear up after their dogs, do your bit and clear up after your dog so we can all enjoy the common.