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Upcoming changes to Recycling

posted 7 Jul 2013, 10:24 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Jul 2013, 10:28 ]
The recycling service in Three Rivers is already pretty good.

Our district is consistently in the top of the charts for our recycling rate. And many of the services we have enjoyed in Hertfordshire and Three Rivers for several years are only just being rolled out in neigbouring Chiltern and South Bucks District where garden waste collections will not be a free service. So we have something to be proud of that we're collectively doing our bit for the environment, and keeping our council's waste bill down.

However, one concern that has been voiced by a number of residents over the years is the space required to accomodate all the collection bins and boxes, for some properties there is simply not enough space.

Due to national changes regarding recycling, new regulations due to come into force in 2015 will require that cardboard with printing on it, such as cornflake packets, can no longer be included with garden waste for composting (the brown bin). This is apparently because printing inks contain chemicals that could get into the food chain. There has also been an increase of plastics attached to carboard (sticky tape, etc) affecting the quality of the compost produced.

Three Rivers has therefore decided on a new system, which will come into operation in late 2014:
  • The current stackable boxes for tins/plastics, glass and paper will be replaced by one large wheeled bin. This will take all your tins and plastics, glass, paper (no sorting required) and well as cardboard, and will be collected weekly..
  • The green wheeled bins for residual waste will contine to be collected fortnightly, as now.
  • The brown wheeled bins will now take just garden and food waste and will switch to a fortnightly collection.
  • Residents who do not have the space to take a third large wheely bin or those who are concerned about smells and vermin can opt for a new, larger kitchen caddy for food waste, to be collected weekly

You can read more about the changes on the Three Rivers website in Recycling to go weekly

Any residents who have concerns or comments about the proposed changes should feed back to Three Rivers District Council, or let us know you views at As there is over a year until the new system is implemented I'm sure any constructive feedback about the new system will be received by gratefully by the Council.