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Works due to start on Church Pond on Chorleywood Common

posted 14 Feb 2013, 12:58 by Unknown user
Major works will be undertaken by Chorleywood Parish Council on Church Pond on Chorleywood Common that is due to commence on Monday 18th February 2013.

The purpose of the work is to improve the pond for wildlife. The pond currently contains a large amount of silt and this in turn leads to higher nutrients levels which results in the surface being covered with duckweed in summer. The duckweed blocks light penetrating the surface of the water and prevents the natural growth of other aquatic plants and limits the wildlife potential of the pond.

The Parish Council is responsible for the common and hence the pond has stated that the work will be carried out as efficient and cleanly as possible. However users of the common need to be aware that the work will require the use of heavy machinery, the pond and the surrounding area will look unsightly with mud and silt present.

The water will be pumped out from the pond and stored in an adjacent bunded area as it may contain contaminants from the A404 and the disposed of. The rest of the silt will be used on the common to improve the habitat for newts and amphibians.

Once the works are complete, the pond will be left to refill naturally from rainwater, as mains water contains chemicals that would damage the pond environment. Depending on the amount of rainfall it may take some time for the pond to refill.

A new drainage and water filtration system will be added once the work is completed and combined with the other work to remove the silt should resolve the on-going problems with the duckweed and will allow the pond to regenerate naturally. 

The works have been approved by Natural England, the Chilterns Conservation Board and Herts County Council who have assisted fund the project. All the works will be supervised by a Great Crested Newt Licence holder.

If you have any queries about the work, please contact Chorleywood Parish Council on 01923 285594 or visit