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Changes to Independent Living Fund (ILF) in Herfordshire

posted 7 Jul 2013, 10:54 by Unknown user
Health and Community Services (HCS) staff are preparing to take on sole responsibility for the eligible social care and support needs of Hertfordshire residents who currently receive the Independent Living Fund (ILF). Following formal consultation, the Government decided to close the ILF at the end of March 2015 with existing funds being transferred to local authorities, on a non ring-fenced basis.

People receiving ILF get cash payments directly from the fund to pay for their support. When ILF comes to an end, it is expected they will continue to be able to exercise choice and control over how their care is provided. This is an opportunity to promote direct payments.

HCS is working closely with ILF assessors on a programme of visits to review recipients’ current assessments and care and support plans and to discuss possible future support from HCS. Following the transfer reviews there will be a further visit from the county council to confirm how HCS will support former ILF recipients from April 2015.

The aim is to ensure a smooth transition with an assessment centred around each individual’s needs, including a care and support plan giving choice and control to help each person manage their needs. There are currently a number of people in the county receiving ILF who have jointly funded care packages between ILF and HCS, with a further 30 ILF recipients some of whom may not be known to HCS.

Although the numbers are relatively small, the total amount currently paid out of the fund to Hertfordshire residents is just under £2.5 million a year. People currently not receiving services from HCS can have an assessment to see if they are eligible for support. They can also be directed to use the Hertfordshire eMarketplace where they can shop online for services and goods from a range of providers.

If any residents have any concerns with this transition, please contact our health team who are tracking the changes and may be able to assist you - email