Page07 - Arts Centre and The Junction


Chorleywood Community Arts Centre is the hidden treasure of Chorleywood at the top of Colleyland. A friendly welcoming place where the existing members go out of their way to make all comers included and confident. Historically it is interesting; being once one of the original chapels in Chorleywood.

lt was founded as an Arts Centre in 1970 by a group of like minded Chorleywood residents. Members could buy a brick for £50, or more than one, plus the help of a mortgage from then Chorleywood UDC. lt was adapted beautifully by Clive Roberts, an architect, who was a leading member of the painting group. We still have a few founder members Mona Satterswaithe being one, who at 92 is a joy. There are various groups with members from Korea, Iceland and Canada. Painting is in any medium; pottery with four wheels and a kiln, and/or sculpture and hand building. Silk painting, and a life class. There is always someone to help and advise.


Christ Church on the common is planning new developments which will enhance its presence in the neighbourhood and offer new facilities.

The 1970s church room will be transformed so that extra space is available not only for the church but also the community as a whole. The new building will be called the Junction. It has been designed with help from English Heritage and the Victorian Society, so that there will be a sympathetic blend with the neighbouring buildings and not jar with the common so that the whole composition is as one.

The community is to be kept in touch throughout the two-year scheme. Bulletins are being issued giving the views of the Rev. Gavin Collins, vicar of Christ Church, and architect Jeremy Ball. Local people of all ages will be asked their opinions. The present restricted space will be greatly enlarged. lnthe new building four main meeting areas with some smaller rooms are contained within the plans. Apart from the facilities for hire by local groups, the church's aim is for informal gatherings such as drop-ins for coffee in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Also the rooms would be suitable for one-to-one counselling such as specialist debt advice, marriage support and surgeries for local police officers and PCSOs. The church officials say the church tower and clock landscape, popular landmarks, will still be seen from every direction across the common. The new building is designed to match the adjacent school.

Consultation with near neighbours, including nearby care homes and school, has revealed strong support. The Newsletter will endeavour to keep the information flowing as support for the church bulletins to avoid anyone being missed out. It is an important event for Chorleywood. The next Newsletter will feature a description of the interior design.