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Annual General Meeting

Notice of the Annual General Meeting to be held at the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 20th May, 2009 at 8.00 for 8.15pm.

1. Minutes of the 2008 A.G.M.
2. Matters arising therefrom.
3. Executive Committee's Report.
4. Treasurer's Report and Accounts.
5. Election of Officers and Committee.
6. Election of Independent Examiner.
7. Any other Business.


Rule 17 states

Written notice of resolutions not on the Annual General Meeting Agenda and of nominations of officers, other committee members and the independent examiner together with names of proposers and seconders for such resolutions or nominations must be delivered to the honorary secretary of the Association not less than seven clear days before the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations must be accompanied by the consent of the nominee. ln the event of the secretary failing to receive sufficient written nominations in accordance with this rule to fill all vacancies, the chairman of the meeting shall accept nominations from the floor in respect of such unfilled vacancies only. Acting honorary secretary: Henry Goldberg.

MINUTES of AGM held Wednesday 21st May 2008.

The AGM was held at Chorleywood Memorial Hall on Wednesday 21 May 2008.

A well-attended annual general meeting included the joint chairmen, the honorary treasurer, the acting honorary secretary, members of the executive committee and local councillors.

Minutes of the 2007 AGM were approved and signed. Laurence Evans in the chair. The chairman considered threats to the environment, ill-drafted legislation without sufficient public protection and intensification of supermarkets on local economies.

Many organisations had expressed alarm during the year over countryside developments, including the National Trust, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Open Spaces Society and English Heritage. The Association had been forthright in its views. Eleven local authorities in Hertfordshire had written collectively to the Minister of Housing giving their opinion that many proposals for the county were unlawful. The Association supported them.

Unelected quangos, refusal of the Government to ensure the ending of gardens being "brownfield" sites so as to secure the preservation of open spaces and the over-urbanisation of Chorleywood were some of the controversies the Association was taking part in. Indeed it was lucky that so many non-party and independent organisations were able to argue for democratic decisions in order to reduce the power of quangos and control some of the ill-formed legislation at present.

On health, the Association had brought together a group of residents to discuss a public consultation on the reconfiguration of Hertfordshire hospitals and made a timely response. Close contact was kept with the new Hertfordshire local involvement network (LINk), which replaced patient forums as the independent watchdog locally for health and social care. The Association has an advantage with Henry Goldberg being chairman of LlNk.

On the environment, action had been taken to enforce tree protection orders. As a result of a meeting with Three Rivers DC, procedures will be reviewed by the council. Traffic calming in Solesbridge Lane, speeding in Chess Way and Chenies Road, cattle grazing and cricket on the Common and Berry Lane Woods were included with matters dealt with over the year.

Rowland Whitson, as chairman of planning, had to face persistent applications for the same sites and the same developers, which
were refused time and time again. It raised the question whether penalties should be imposed where applications had been refused in the first instance and on subsequent appeal. The Newsletter continues to command attention and attract members to the Association. Readers should express their views on subjects for publication which worry them for they are not taking advantage of a valuable outlet.

Much was raised at the open forum to be considered by the executive committee. These items included volume of A404 traffic, traffic and pedestrian safety at St. Clement Dane's School. Other items were need for a reduced speed limit, Berry Lane flooding, protection of local heritage buildings and overhanging greenery on public highways from properties.

Treasurer's Report and Accounts. These were circulated and proposed for acceptance, seconded and approved. The finances were in a healthy state. The increased subscription had proved a boon and the Association had achieved a small surplus. No one objected to the increase after so many years. Reserves were strong and membership flourishing. Tony Cannon, the honorary treasurer, thanked the area representatives for all their hard work and Fay Caplin for her co-ordination of collection and recruitment of advertisers for the Newsletter.

Election of Officers:
  • Chairman: Raj Khiroya
  • Joint Vice-Chairmen: Laurence Evans, Henry Goldberg
  • Honary Treasurer: Tony Cannon
  • Committee: Fay Caplin, Alan Manson, Mickey Karachiwalla, Jackie Khara, Rowland Whitson, Christopher Cordeux, Annette Naughton, Maria Larkin, Richard Thompson.