Page15 - Insight: Banks, Fay retires, Library lies, Gypsy pitches

by Anaylst

Bank Ownership

I am tired of the media acting as the Governments publicity agency. Continually. We see or hear that the banks are owned or partly owned by the taxpayer. In theory. perhaps. But what control does the taxpayer have? Even less than that of the limited amount of the ordinary shareholder in a normal public company. Many small savers have lost thousands of pounds by Government intervention. If nationalisation continues, adequate compensation is unlikely. And the taxpayers, generally, remains exactly where they were, except for the bill to pay, through their taxes, at the end of the day. Could the media stop clouding the issue further?

Fay retires from the council

I am sorry to see that Fay Caplin has been forced to retire from the Chorleywood Parish Council for health reasons. She was elected in 1999 and became chairman of planning in 2002.

The council has published its regret stating that Fay contributed a great deal in her service to the council. especially in planning matters. She will be much missed by her colleagues there.

Fortunately. she is continuing on the executive committee and the Newsletter team of the Association and as membership secretary. Her work as advertising manager has been outstanding and we could not do without her splendid advert gathering. Her articles too, are first class.

Two plus one

Daniel Defoc was merchant, soldier, journalist. secret agent and much more besides. He is alleged to have written 500 books on a number of subjects. He wrote a satire on High Church extremism and was put in the pillory. However, his book "A Tour Through The Whole Island Of Great Britain (1724-26)" received wide publicity. His tour included Rickmansworth and he referred to our nearby rivers being drawn off for supply. One he called Two Waters which to my mind was the inspiration of whoever devised the title of Three Rivers for modern local government. It is one ofthe most romantic names for a council in England.
Consultation needed

With my ear to the ground, I hear much grumbling, and indeed anger at proposed chan es to Chorle wood library see page 6 . I therefore, feel honour bound to put the matter in perspective although these may appear to be personal views. I agree that sectioning off some of the reading area at the entrance to the library would be a disaster. This also is much a social place. People can sit and read the numerous magazines and newspapers kept t there in relaxed and comfortable conditions, all part of library's function. Local artist's displays and council material for information on view are often features there. What are the details of Surestart scheme and what are its intentions? I don't know and neither, it seems, do many others. Vaguely, it wants to give children a good start in life by advising their parents - for example on parenting skills. But, what may be a laudable idea, if it is to be effective, must demand a purpose built place not the corner of a library! 

All that has happened is the distribution of a leaflet. So it is understandable that this lack of information has caused a furore.

Surely, however, there should be wide discussion across the board, full consultation between councillors and people and alternative plans. Why produce what might be one facility (and I say might) at the expense of a popular widely used one for all the community. Overall, it is the absence of consultation with the community so far that I find disappointing.

What are the facts?

l find it difficult to discover if the Government will or will not drop its proposal to agree to 15 gypsy pitches in Three Rivers. The situation is unclear. I thought there were to be only two in the district but now it seems that 15 are planned between county council and the Govemment. I do not want to see these pitches and neither do the gypsies who prefer more rural areas. Whatever the outcome, our previous report still stands and there will be none in Chorleywood. The government dithers but the people want to know.