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Pleasing the customer

Sir, Being a keen recycler I was extremely delighted that when myself and my family moved into our new house in the district, I found that we had inherited a large green bin and two brown bins. Believe it or not our last council didn't have any recycling policy!

After a few weeks I noticed that my neighbour had three brown bins, and that we as a family were easily filling our two bins and so I contacted the council about getting another. They informed me that two and only two was all that was allowed! I protested and explained that two was not enough and my neighbour had three but this was of no avail. The answer was still the same.

One afternoon I was chatting to my neighbour with the three bins, and the
subject came up. He explained that when the council first introduced the brown bins you could have up to three. But residents were asking for three just because they could and were allowed but not filling them, this was
not cost-effective so the decision was made to limit it to two. But any cardboard left neatly fiat packed by the bin on collection day will be taken away. Being told about militant refuse collectors not taking away rubbish not in bins I tried it out and was very pleased to see that they did indeed take the cardboard away. Fantastic!


Local restaurants praised

Sir, On Mothering Sunday my family took me for a meal at one of our restaurants in Chorleywood. I seldom eat out these days so it was my
first visit and I was rather anxious that my recommendation to my children to have lunch there would at least prove satisfactory. My sons, mv daughters-in-law and even my grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed their
meal. They live in London and said that it was not just as good as but better than many restaurants they've been to in London. So aren't we lucky to have such pleasant venues where decor is attractive and the service so polite and efficient. l hope they are with us for a very long time.


Need for views

Sir, As the Associations Newsletter is published at six-monthly intervals there is naturally a problem in attracting and sustaining correspondence from its many readers. Whilst letters are indeed carried from time to time, it is important that the Association's members should air their views on the many and varied topics reported in the Newsletter pages. And other matters too. The views, comments and opinions of the membership should be a great encouragement for those running the organisation and involved in the many different and day-to-day local topics covered. Perhaps the committee, with the editor and others, should again encourage all readers to contact by phone, email, etc. and good old-fashioned letter, to express views, make their comments, or just ask questions. By agreement some ofthe topics raised can progressed, for the interest and benefit of all, into 'Letters to the Editor' for future issues.


Please let us have your letters, either by post or by e-mail to

Report from Community Voice

Jackie Khara is the Association's representative on community voice.
Here she reports on the update given by the chief executive at the end of last year

The guest speaker was Margaret Sullivan - chief executive, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital. She gave an update on development at the centre. 

The Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is an independent self-financing registered charity. It is one of the main centres for imaging research. Dr Strickland launched a public appeal in 1983 to raise funds to build the centre and he is still one of the trustees. 

There are four scanners in situ at a cost of about 21 million each (two CT scanners and two MRI scanners). The newest scanner is a dual source CT scanner which weighs three tons and following major advances in the technology of CT scanners has double the power and speed of previous models. An image is taken in seconds. The latest development in MRI scanning is the whole body technique of diffusion scanning. The examination depends on radio waves, is radiation free, requires no injections and can be done in about 45 minutes. Two scanners can scan 14 to 15 patients a day. 80 per cent of the patients are NHS and 20 per cent are private. 

The centre are proud of their PACS System (picture archiving and communication system and radiology information system). This system of computerised storage and retrieval of scan film records has improved work flow and enabled faster reporting. There are four consultant radiologists attached to the unit and the team is passionate about imaging research. They have academic links and links with industry. The centre is constantly expanding. Patient facilities and the reception area are being refurbished. The oldest scanner will soon have to be replaced. Fundraising is ongoing.