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A need for CCTV?

One of the many negative aspects of a recession is an increase in crime - and it seems that Lower Road has now become the victim of a crime spree. Thieves have discovered Chorleywood's quiet location and lack of police presence and are working it to their advantage.

They seem to be targeting one shop in particular mainly due to the fact it sells higher priced merchandise that can be easily and quickly sold on. 

The store has been broken into twice in the past few months and each time the level of aggression and destruction displayed has increased. ln the first incident the glass door was attacked and smashed open with a hammer. The second time the main window was smashed and the newly installed security shutter was buckled by a car!

Ramraiding has become quite a rare offence over recent years not really being seen since the last recession in the early l990s. The thieves strike late on a Sunday evening when not many people are around to witness them and with the violence used if you were to catch sight you wouldn't want to intervene. The destruction left behind is incredibly stressful and costly for the owners as not only have they lost the stock but they also have the loss of trade whilst getting themselves back to normality. Not to mention the outlay of having the premises repaired. Some people have the view that when stealing from a shop you are stealing from a faceless corporation, where everything is insured. In Chorleywood most shops are independents which are also feeling the grip of the recession.

Insurance is a luxury that some can't afford. A burglary such as this could be enough to send them under. The only answer to stop this situation from escalating, which it could do easily, is to install CCtv cameras. Not as a substitute for the police but as an aid and a deterrent. There is already a strong PCSO presence in the village during the day and evening. The new cameras would work in collaboration with this. The word could so easily spread that Chorleywood is an easy target. Lower Road must not become an easy target for thieves.

lf you witness this sort of crime please contact the police. Do not attempt to intervene. With the staggering amount of violence shown you may get badly injured or worse. Statistically Chorleywood is still an incredibly safe place to live. The amount of crime reported for the numbers of residents is very low. So in the words of Crimewatch's Nick Ross "Please don't have nightmares". 

Laurence - a dedicated editor

Laurence Evans has been on our Executive Committee for many years, served his time as Vice Chairman and Chairman and has always been very much involved with the Newsletter. The Autumn 1994 issue included the first of his many regular features "Jottings by The Churl". With the Autumn 1998 issue he became editor ofthe Newsletter and his vast and varied  lifetime experience as a journalist made an immediate impact. He upgraded the quality of the paper, adopted a completely new and professional style of presentation, introduced the green "centre fold" and from a modest 14 pages increased it to what is now 24 pages. 

In recent years his health had become a problem. Editing the Spring 2009 issue proved to be his personal mountain to climb and despite frequent visits to doctors and hospitals for treatment he still managed to produce another excellent Newsletter. His subsequent prolonged stay in hospital prevented him from producing the Autumn 2009 edition and this onerous  ask was ably taken over by Chris Cordeux as Acting Editor. We are sure you will join your Executive Committee in wishing Laurence a sneedv return to better health.