Page02 - Children's Playground, Station Safety Measures

Burning Issues for Chorleywood

Chorleywood House Estate, the possible home for the playground

For a number of years there have been many discussions about building a
childrens playground in Chorleywood. Yes. there is one in Heronsgate but it's off the beaten track and not well known. Chorleyvvood is a vast area stretching from the Royal Masonic School on the Chorleywood Road right up to St Clement Danes School and beyond. And with the birth rate rising there need to be more activities for children.

The most central point for such a place would be the Common but it's unlikely that we will ever see a swing or a slide on this piece of land, as we would need to seek approval from the Secretary of State. The next most suitable place would be the grounds of the Chorleywood House estate. which boasts 68 hectares which already has public tennis courts. a lawn tennis club and is also home to Chorleywood Football club and The Montessori School. 

The grounds, now owned by Three Rivers District Council. are to be used by the public for recreational activities. There is concern that there is no crossing near the estate and if it were possible to have it sited closer to the village people could walk to it. But this could be overcome with a pleasant walk across the common, crossing safely at the lights at either end of Rickmansworth Road. Even this is not always convenient since some parents have more than one child and even a dog, not to mention all the paraphernalia that goes with children and the dog. 

There is ample room in Chorleywood House grounds for parking to serve the playground as well as the tennis courts and cemetery. Driving to the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth is the only option for most residents in Chorleywood right now. 

At the village day in June this year, which was a great success for the Association as well as the Parish Council, we discussed the need for a new playground in Chorleywood with many parents and even grand parents and the proposal was met with a unanimous "yes please!" The Friends of the Chorleywood House estate are keen for the grounds to be utilised more and in this way. We want to make this play area a reality. 

Three Rivers do have a forecast of funding in place for 2012 but this is too far away and we need it nowl Please help us to make this a reality for the residents of Chorleywood by writing to the Association and showing
your support.

Safety Measures at Chorleywood Station

lf you are a regular user of the road leading to Chorleywood Station and the village and the alternative route to the village via Shepherds Bridge then you will have seen the safety measures carried out by the Department for Transport in collaboration with Network Rail and London Underground. The cost of these measures was shared by these two authorities. This particular location assessed for risk was in accordance with the protocol drawn up for the purpose by DfT and published in February 2003.

A nationwide project 

The work was carried out at the latter part of August and early September this year. It comprised of two phases: the first the installation of anti-ram-raid bollards at the back of the footway at the west end of Station approach
and the second the installation of safety barriers along the railway boundary fence between the junction at Common Road and Chorleywood Bottom.

The project was initiated by DfT following an incident on the M62 motorway at Great Heck, Selby in 2001.