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Just kidding of course. With their excellent range of fresh fruit and veggies, tasty deli counter and comprehensive range of groceries you would have to walk through with your eyes closed not to be tempted.

Much to the "relief" of their customers and shoppers generally, Vic Grewal, owner of Budgens Store in Lower Road, is currently allowing them to use what is officially the staff loo. Mr. Grewal has however, given his agreement to participate inn TRDC community toilet scheme. He is contemplating refurbishments which will include new toilets. Further consultations are due to take place in two or three months' time with a view to finalising the plans. Mr. Grewal has also kindly agreed for these proposals to be publicised and by the time you read this report posters and mail drops will be have been circulated advertising this very welcome facility.

Although any contract drawn up will allow for Budgens to cancel with two weeks' notice your Association hopes that this very helpful and indeed much needed arrangement will remain indefinately.

Letters to the Editor

Loft insulation installation

Dear Sir

I thought readers of the Newsletter might be interested in my experiences in getting contractors to install loft insulation. The Government has a scheme offering free loft insulation to householders who are over seventy. I signed up to this, had a surveyor round and then a date for actual  installation.

However, the installers when they arrived refused to do the work, as we had an asbestos cement water tank in our loft. They said that they were forbidden to do the installation as it was in conflict with their health and safety rules. All my investigations indicated that there is no health risk from an asbestos cement water tank, I tried a second contractor with the same result. 

So I emailed David Gauke our MP, arguing that one part of Government
encouraged loft insulation as a way of improving the environment, while another part of Government was putting obstacles in the way. He sent my email to the relevant Secretary of State. After a delay of many months, a reply was received from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. She said in her letter that if  the asbestos cement tank is in good working order and not damaged, then it is not a health hazard.

On receipt of this letter, I spoke to the operations manager of the  contractor, and emailed him the letter from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. He spoke to the head of his company`s health and safety
department. A further visit was then arranged for one of their surveyors, who confirmed that the tank was in good working condition. An installation date was arranged and the insulation material was installed. lt took a long time, but common sense prevailed in the end.

There are I believe many other households in the district with asbestos cement water tanks. I hope my experience will be of help to them if they encounter similar problems.

Henry Goldberg

Hornets nest

Dear Editor,

Saturday, 19th September - a day to remember - I woke very early and couldn't get back to sleep. My clock said 4am, but rather than toss and turn waiting for daybreak I decided to get up. Went into my bathroom and of course switched on the light as it was still very dark out and also pened a window. Came downstairs, made some coffee and tumed on the TV for the news, not realising I was about to make news of my own. Went back to the bathroom about half hour or so later and just about to go in when I heard a veiy loud buzzing noise from inside. I opened the door just a chink and was horrified to see the room filled with dozens of huge flying wasps? bees? No, I immediately concluded they must be homets, a first ever encounter with them. Fortunately I was well stocked with cans of fly spray and I sprayed and sprayed like mad opening the door as little as possible. A very few had ventured into the hall and I attacked them too.

I telephoned Frank, my wonderfully helpful pest control man, and he came round very quickly to investigate. He found a huge nest of hornets in one of the the external wooden beams of the house and used his magic spray on them. He said I was very lucky not to have been stung as their sting is not only very painful but dangerous. He'd dealt with quite a few nests this year and said that two of his clients had been stung and needed to be  hospitalised as a result. So, having read this and if you should happen to encounter these nasties, do be careful.

Fay Caplin