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About the Association

For many years our Newsletter has been the voice of the Association. It has grown over the years through the guidance of a succession of Editors who have each given it their time, knowledge and determination with the result that it has now become something of which we can be justifiably proud.

Unfortunately, due to the very success of the Newsletter, it has almost become the Association. A symbol of what the subscription money is for. The Chorleywood and District Residents Association is so much more. We have striven for many years to keep Chorleywood a green and pleasant place to live and work - never an easy task. We continue to be vigilant, urging local and other authorities to carefully consider any contemplated  action which we feel could threaten the integrity of Chorleywood.

It is essential for there to be an independent, non-party political organisation like ours, which is entirely free to express the concerns and wishes of its members.

We will always challenge anything we consider to have a negative impact on Chorleywood, whether it be a Government policy or a Local Authority plan. 

The Newsletter is an invaluable tool in communicating with our members. It contains vital information on planning, conservation, health and crime prevention. Also other concerns as they arise.

Support for Residents
The whole idea of a residents association is to give support to its members. So if you have concems please contact us without delay. The Association is run by residents on behalf of all Chorleywood residents.

Here are only some of the causes in which the Association has been involved.

  • Preservation of open spaces including gardens.
  • Tree preservation orders.
  • Involving ourselves with the Highways Agency on M25 widening works.
  • Conservation areas: support for residents in protecting specific parts of Chorleywood.
  • Planning: The Association is represented at many inquiries and public meetings to support members when they raise objections to planning applications.
  • Air quality monitoring on a regular basis has long been advocated by the Association.
  • Traffic calming measures have been advocated and supported.
  • Backland and brownfield developments are opposed by the Association.
  • At the heart of campaigning the need for a children's playground hopefully in the Chorleywood House Estate.
  • The Newsletter "the voice of the Association" would not be heard if it weren't for our hardworking and dedicated Area Representatives who undertake to deliver it to our members. They are the very backbone of our Association.

Seasons Greetings

The Chorleywood and District Residents Association would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year