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Welcome to the Spring 2010 edition of the Chorleywood Newsletter. 

You may have noticed over the post few issues that things were starting to change. We believe that as a magazine produced by The Chorleywood Residents' Association Executive Committee it should be more locally orientated. The introduction of local organisations and the reintroduction of the local history pages started in Spring 2009 and we’ve expanded that idea. The news articles now focus on local issues that directly affect you as residents, and also explains more about what your Association is involved in. We've also tried to keep a good balance of news and features. There are still more exciting changes yet to come, which I and my team will want to share with you. We need and would love to hear your thoughts on the new direction. Our new e-mail addresses are on the back page. I hope you enjoy the read.

Chris Cordeux - Editor.

Buildings of local interest - Autumn 2009.
Thank you for your suggestions for buildingsto be added to this list.
We have now passed them on to TRDC.

A New Secondary School for WD3 (continued fiom page 1)

a rising population is to be presented to Herts County Council. With extra housing expected to be built over the next ten to twenty years, as forecast by the Local Development Framework (LDF) document, the problem is setto get worse. 

If this report is accepted, a feasibility study will commence into ñnding one or two suitable sites. Ann Shaw has already looked at a number of sites and HCC, recognising the issue, has set aside funds. 

TRDC, the local planning authority and HCC, the local education authority, are both committed to pressing ahead and getting a result as soon as they can. This debate has been going on for nearly 10 years and now seems to be reaching a critical point. 

One possible location is Killingdown Farm in Croxley. It is not often that a green belt site is put forward for development but as itis, it is bound to be a contentious issue. It would however be difficult for HCC to compulsoríly purchase another site without proving why this one is unsuitable. However another school in Croxley would help serve West Watford but not really ease the demand for Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Mill End and Maple Cross children. 

Unfonunately there is no speedy conclusion. TRDC timelines currently indicate a site would not be ready for opening until September 2014 or possibly even 2015 especially if the site is green belt and needs referral from the Secretary of State. 
Short term fixes are being investigated by HCC. Westfield is due to expand and accept an extra class (30 pupils). Other plans include expanding St Clement Danes and Rickmansworth schools but this will be ñnanced by the HCC new school fund.

Changes to parking enforcement in Three Rivers

From Monday the 15 March 2010, Three Rivers District Council was able to issue parking penalties to motorists who park on a dropped kerb in the district. 

Following a recent legislation change, the council can now carry out parking enforcement and issue a parking ticket to any vehicle that parks on, or in front of, a dropped kerb, even if there are no yellow lines or other marked restrictions present. This measure has been introduced to try and assist residents who have contacted the council with concerns about other people inconsiderately parking across dropped kerbs or their driveway entrances. 

This new legislation refers to two different types of dropped kerbs - those allowing pedestrian access at pavement Crossovers and those allowing access to a driveway for a residential or business purpose. 

In respect of driveways, enforcement can only be conducted at the request of the owner of the premises - this is to prevent tickets being issued to the resídent’s car or to their visitors’ vehicles. However, parking close to a dropped kerb or blocking visibility sightlines is not considered a contravention under this new legislation. The offending vehicle actually has to be parked across the dropped section of the crossover. 

Once a call has been made to the Parking Shop, a Civil Enforcement Officer will visit the property within an hour and once the resident has signed a request for parking enforcement a ticket will be issued if applicable, but the vehicle will not be removed. The service will be available between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday on 01908 223506. If assistance with vehicle obstructlon is required outside these times residents are advised to report the matter to the police on their non-emergency line, 0845 330 0222. 

For more information on this service please call the Parking Shop on 01908 223506, between 8am and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday.