Page05 - Transport: Pot holes & Train troubles

A hole lot of trouble 
by Tomo

The climate has been quite harsh, and for those of us who depend upon road transport, we’ve been struggling to drive in a straight line because of the ice, the snow, or the pot holes. A recent visitor to Chorleywood commented that it was almost impossible to get into or out of the village without getting snared by the potholes (although others have commented that the situation is worse in Bucks!) 

The Residents Association has been very active logging and repońing the various highway defects in and around Chorleywood, and at the time of writing we had logged 215 faults, over 200 of which have been pot holes. Our efforts have not been in vain and in February we’ve seen Hertfordshire Highway repair crews doing permanent repairs to Long Lane and the bottom of Whitelands Avenue, and many temporary repairs to places like Green Street and Valley Road - they are too numerous to list. 

Although we’ve been encouraged that there has been some action, it can be disheartening that the contractors undertaking the work appear not to apply any common sense and just patch all holes as they go along the road - potholes that have sprung up since they were left unattended. Also the blocked gullies on Long Lane that are cascading water down the newly repaired road surface are still not fixed. All of the major roads in and out of the town are far from perfect. 

Our town was cited in 2005 as the happiest place in which to live and the Residents Association is trying its best to ensure that we’re not cut off from the rest of the road network. 

But what is apparent is that the County Council do not have time to continually survey the roads, and the proactive reporting of pot holes by the Residents Association has spurred the Highways department into action - so we would like to encourage residents to report faults. Go out into your streets and take responsibility for the roads that you pass along! The Hertsdirect website has a good online reporting tool, and if you’re not Online you can call them on 0300 123 4047. It’s important that we all take action and ensure that this quiet corner of Hertfordshire far away from County Hall in Hertford is recognised as having signifcant issues from the volume of highway fault reports being made and that we get allocated more funding for more permanent repairs. 

The Residents Association would be happy to know of the fault references of any faults you do report, if you’re online please let us know at: please let us know the fault reference number you're given. 

We’re also following up on other highway faults, like flooding of Stag Lane and Beny Lane, and the generally poor state of Shepherds Lane. There are also some missing chevron signs that have been missing since July 2009... they’re still missing more than 6 months later!

Gone off the rails?

Despite all the bad weather, the Metropolitan Line has generally, with a couple of exceptions, managed to keep the trains running, except of course when there have been engineering work. Whether they've been running to time is another patter, and the new December timetable that was supposed to resolve all the late running and reliability issues doesn't seem to have helped at all. Most of the engineering work being undertaken at the moment is to prepare for the new "S" stock trains. You might see them running up and down the line from late Spring, and start to go into passenger service in Autumn. But watch out for the lack of seats when they do arrive!