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No longer in the Premier League

posted 11 Oct 2012, 08:50 by Unknown user
Residents may remember that the Premier store on the corner of Berks Hill had its alcohol licence suspended for two months earlier in the year, having been found to have sold alcohol to under age children in a police “sting” operation. The owner decided to appeal against the suspension and the law allows them to continue to trade pending the appeal.
That appeal was heard by the magistrate’s court last week, and the Premier Store lost the appeal and the suspension was upheld. The store was ordered to cease selling alcohol on 8th October and it will not be able to sell it again until 8th December – as a consequence of this the owner has decided to close the store completely for that time.
Shortly before the hearing the police undertook a further “sting” operation and yet again the store was found to be selling alcohol to under age children. It is now highly likely that this will be brought back to the Councils Licensing Committee who might well be expected to take a very dim view of this second breach of the law.