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Play Area

Three Rivers District Council have allocated money in their budget for a new children’s play area in Chorleywood. Discussions have taken place over more than two years on the location and equipment. 

Two public consultations have been conducted by Three Rivers District Council, the first on the location – where there was a public preference for the Common – and the second on the choice of equipment. 

Chorleywood Parish Council at its meeting on 1st October 2013, voted against locating the play area on the Common. 
Further decisions on the location of the play area are not expected until after the Local Government elections in May 2014.

Chorleywood Community Groups discuss the Play Area project

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Following the controversial decision by Chorleywood Parish Council, at their meeting on 1st October, not to support a children’s play area on the Common, Chorleywood Residents Association is meeting with other Chorleywood community groups to discuss the various views and the issues involved. 

A small group has been set up with representatives of Friends of the Common, Chorleywood mums, and Chorleywood Residents Association. The purpose of this group is to discuss and explore how we can resolve the differing views on the proposed new Chorleywood play area, and agree on a way forward. The first meeting was held before Christmas, and there will be further meetings in 2014.

Parish Council to decide upon the Play Area - Tue 1st Oct

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The Parish Council are holding a meeting of the full council to discuss and vote on whether Chorleywood gets a play area on the Common 

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st October at 8.00pm at the British Legion Hall (behind the Memorial Hall) and we urge residents to either
  • attend the full council meeting, or
  • contact their Parish Councillor to ensure they are aware of your view
as the vote taking place at this meeting will determine the fate of the much longed for Chorleywood Play Area.

This vote is the culmination of over two years work by the Play Area Advisory Committee set up by and appointed by the Parish Council to identify suitable locations within Chorleywood for a much needed play area, together with two formal consultations held by Three Rivers District Council in 2012 and 2013 and the formation of a Focus Group made up of representatives from the District Council (2 x councillors and 3 x officers), Parish Council (2 x councillors and 1 x officer), Chorleywood Residents’ Association / Chorleywoodmums (1 rep) and Friends of the Common (1 rep).  

Out of 4400 households targeted in the 2012 survey, 1103 residents responded and this was stated to be 25% of all households in the area.  95% of responses expressed a preference for a new play area in Chorleywood and of the survey participants, 643 expressed a clear preference for a play area on the Common. This is more votes than any one of the Councillors received in the 2010 Parish Council elections!!

From the original 15 locations identified on the Common by the Play Area Advisory Committee, the Parish Council recommended Location 13 as the "only" viable location after the Higher Level Stewardship funding dismissed a number of other sites on the Common due to their proximity to the ponds.  

In July 2013 a total of 4,400 letters and questionnaires were distributed alongside Chorleywood Parish Council’s newsletter.  492 residents completed the questionnaire which is an 11% response rate for Chorleywood households. 190 of the respondents were adults which mean the children and schools in the area were given an opportunity to be involved in choosing the design that would appeal to them within the restrictions already set out by the Parish Council and the District Council.  (See the demographics below)

Gender   Age                 
Females Males  0-5 6-10  11-15  16-20  21-30  31-40  41-50  51-60  61+ 
 54% 46% 2% 66% 2% 0% 1% 11% 7% 3% 3%

89% of the respondents lived within the Chorleywood parish (within WD3 5 and WD3 4 postcodes), 
with 7% from other WD3 (1, 3, 7 & 8) postcodes and 4% from other areas.

During the Play Area equipment tendering process the Focus Group mutually agreed the type of equipment out of the 4 designs stipulated in the specification of the tender documents.  Each member of the Focus Group then had the opportunity to score the submitted designs against the agreed specification.  An average score for the specification was then recorded, which formed part of the overall assessment score.

Proposal now being voted upon

Option A by EIBE came out as the favoured design both from the Focus Group discussions and the District Council survey conducted over the summer.  The Focus Group also requested that the play equipment be sited within the glade or trees so as to blend in better with the natural environment.  This was taken into consideration and reflected in the designs and photos produced for the public consultation.

The position of the project now is (in summary):
  • Three Rivers District Council have allocated the funding for the Play Area 2 years ago
  • A wide range of background work and two consultations have taken place
  • Three Rivers Council have voted in favour of the Play Area 
  • The Parish Council as the landowner needs now to give approval
  • And finally consent will need to sought from DEFRA to locate the Play Area on Common Land
The project group has significant concerns that the Parish Council may now, despite all this hard work, fail to approve the Play Area on the Common. The power to make this decision lies with the Parish Councillors, in Full Council. If the Parish Council fail to approve the project the allocated monies and resources will probably be put in jeopardy. The Parish Council Open Spaces Committee were due to discuss the Play Area earlier in the month but the meeting was postponed "pending further technical clarification" and the decision has been referred to a retimed Full Council Meeting.

In our email to the community we stated: "We are concerned that the will of the majority of the community to have a new Play Area on the common may be lost in whatever has been queried and caused the Parish Council to pause the approval process. The detail of these technical issues have not been shared with the community - the Friends of Chorleywood Common have also been seeking clarity on what is going on which hasn't been helpful." We accept that the wording of the email might imply that FoCC, by asking for clarification has been unhelpful. However we would like to clarify that it's the lack of detail that hasn't been helpful and FoCC have been positively engaged in the Play Area project and process. Apologies for messing up and mashing our English. More proof reading needed! 

So who has the say at the Parish Council?

The decision is now in the hands of 17 elected Parish Councillors. The most important duty of a Parish Councillor must surely be to represent their residents.  Although they may have received representations either for or against the Play Area proposals, the public consultations highlight the will of this community and its residents to have an additional play area in Chorleywood, and for that to be on the Common.  As far as we are aware no Parish Councillor has proactively sought the opinions of their (parish) residents to either confirm or deny the will of the community expressed by the surveys.

Do residents feel that their views are being accurately represented by the Councillors they have elected? Are the Parish Councillors following a proper democratic process by consulting with their wards before they vote on an issue? Putting aside final legal approvals with DEFRA, and discounting any politics, the question must be - If Chorleywood Parish Council vote against the play area, will they be democratically representing the will of Parish residents?  If they vote against, whose interests will they be serving?

Do you know who represents you on the Parish Council?  Have you made your views known to them, and are they representing your view on this matter?  If not make sure you contact them before 1st October 2013.

You may be interested to know what the local turnout rates for parish council elections in 2010 were when most of the parish councillors were elected:

Cedars ward 28.54%
Chorleywood Chenies Ward 37.02% (2013 – 25.34%)
Chorleywood East 16.30%
Chorleywood West 28.86% 
Quickwood – ran unopposed (Raj Khiroya)

The Common was chosen by 61% of local people in Chorleywood Parish participating in the 2012 survey, which equates to 673 people voting for Chorleywood Common. This far exceeds the maximum number of votes received by any single councillor in the 2010 Parish Council elections. (See Parish Council Election Results in the links above).

As one of our local residents pointed out more than 12 months ago at a Parish Council meeting: "The 'Big Society' forms part of the legislative programme of the Conservative/Liberal Coalition and has a stated aim to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a 'Big Society' that will take power away from politicians and give it to people.  We would encourage the Conservative and Liberal Councillors who have been elected to represent the residents of Chorleywood to see that it would be to their credit to actually listen to what the residents say and to embrace the legislative programme of the Coalition!  Too many times I have listened to Council meeting discussions when, if a simple comment from a member of the public had been allowed it would have resulted in a much more meaningful and representative debate”

If you are unfamiliar with how the Parish Council is structured, we have made it easy for you to identify your Parish Councillor by ward.  Click on the link below to find out which ward you live in and use the list we have provided and contact your Parish Councillor before 1st October to make sure your views on the Play Area are known. Public participation at the Parish Council meeting is very limited, so it's better to make sure your views are known in advance.

Chorleywood Parish Councillors by Ward

Quickwood Ward
Cllr Raj Khiroya (Chair Parish Council) -

Chorleywood East Ward
Cllr Maximin Green   - E:  [ Edit: the hotmail address is bouncing, try ]
Cllr Mrs Alex Hayward – E:
Cllr Geoffrey Liley – E:
Cllr Kenneth Morris – E:
Cllr Mrs Alison Preedy (Open spaces committee member) – E:
Cllr Mrs Jacqueline Worrall (Open Spaces committee member) – E:

Chorleywood West Ward
Cllr Mrs Margaret Jarrett (Vice Chair Open Spaces committee) – E:
Cllr Rodney Kipps – E:
Cllr Mrs Vivienne Lantree – E:
Cllr Mrs Lyn Sutherland (Vice Chair Parish Council) – E:
Cllr Stephen Watkins (Open Spaces committee member) – E:

Chenies Ward
Cllr Wendy Boatman (Open Spaces committee member) – E:
Cllr Tony Edwards (Chair Open Spaces) – E:
Cllr Frank Mahon-Daly (Open Spaces committee member) – E:

Cedars Ward
Cllr Miss Pat Howell – E:
Cllr Mrs Jane White – E:

Play Space - Procurement Consultation stage results

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As per our previous posting Three Rivers District Council ran a consultation over the summer to further consult the local community on the type and location of the proposed Play Area. This was in addition to the consultation last year on the favoured location for a Play Space in Chorleywood where the overwhelming vote was for something on the common, and the Play Space advisory report even earlier last year on possible locations for a play area in Chorleywood.

Both Three Rivers District Council (as provider and maintainer of Play Spaces in the district) and Chorleywood Parish Council (landowner of The Common) have agreed based on previous consultation with the local community and subject to final approvals to install a play space on Chorleywood Common. This agreement by the Parish Council is subject to conditions and subsequent final approval by the Planning Inspectorate (this government department’s permission is required to build on Common Land).

Three Rivers commenced a procurement process earlier this year with a view to appoint a suitable company to design and install the play space in Chorleywood. The main pre-requisites for all play equipment companies was that the design must be in keeping with the natural surroundings, be constructed of mainly wooden material, will not include fencing (fencing cannot be included on Common Land) and be suitable for children and young people from 0 – 14 years. This is to ensure that the final design will be acceptable to the local community, both the Parish and District Councils but also to the Planning Inspectorate. Residents were also shown where the proposed play area would be sited on the Common and were asked to note that additional parking would not be provided as part of this project. Users of the play space will be expected to use existing parking or walk to the site. Proposals to encourage safe walking were also detailed as part of the consultation. 

Consultation Method 

A total of 4,400 letters and questionnaires were distributed alongside Chorleywood Parish Council’s newsletter in July 2013. The letter informed residents on how they could complete the survey for the proposed play space in Chorleywood. 3 methods of completing the survey were detailed including: 
  1. – the website included further information about the survey, images of the 4 proposed design options and a link to survey monkey in order to complete the survey online. 
  2. Complete the paper copy enclosed with the letter – residents could view the 4 proposed design options online at or in Chorleywood Library. Paper copies could then be returned to either: Three Rivers District Council offices (in Rickmansworth), Chorleywood Parish Council offices or in the survey box at Chorleywood library. 
  3. Visit Chorleywood library to view the 4 proposed design options and then complete the survey on the ‘touch screen’ computer device 

The consultation asked residents to: 
  1. Look at the 4 design options and let us know your order of preference with your first choice being your favourite and your fourth choice your least favourite 
  2. Do you have any other comments you would like to add? 

Three Rivers District Council also visited Chorleywood Primary School, Christchurch Primary School and Russell Primary to talk to children in Years 3 to Year 6. Children were also asked to vote on their preferred design options and to make any comments. 

The consultation period was for a total of 5 weeks, from Saturday 13 July – Friday 9 August 2013.

Consultation Results: 
  • A total of 492 Chorleywood residents completed the survey, which is an 11% response rate for Chorleywood households. The demographics of respondents can be seen in the full report
  • 89% of respondents lived within the Chorleywood parish (within WD3 5 and WD3 4 postcodes), with 7% from other WD3 (1, 3, 7 & 8) postcodes and 4% from other areas. 

Design Results: (to review the designs click here)
  • During the consultation process Jupiter Play unfortunately withdrew their design due to being unable to meet the budget effectively. 
  • First Choice - Option A – Eibe Play 
  • Second Choice - Option C – Timberplay 
  • Third Choice - Option D – Rubicon Play

Respondents left a wide variety of comments on their impression of the play area, and it's probably easier for readers to review the comments and make up their own mind. 

It's true to say that there are comments both in favour and against the proposed facility, and the main negative strand of comments is a concern over the location of the Play Area. However the overwhelming majority of comments are in favour, and as a Residents' Association we are supportive of the need for a new play area in Chorleywood.

The consultation results were due to discussed at a meeting of the Chorleywood Parish Council Open Spaces committee on the 10th September. However the paper has been withdrawn "pending further technical clarification" and we and others are trying to find out what this means to the approval process.

Play Space - Procurement stage consultation

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The Chorleywood Residents' Association is happy to report that our long ongoing campaign for a new and improved play facility in Chorleywood is now one step closer to reality. 

Just as a reminder, the area under consideration for the new Play Space is "Area 13" as denoted in the Play Space Report, this is the area behind the existing bench just above the permissive parking area near Shepherds Bridge.

The District Council has now gone out to procurement on a possible Play Area facility and has put forward four possible designs for a Play Area facility on the common. Rather than try to explain it all over again, we have just reproduced the text of their recent letter below which explains this consultation process quite clearly.

Text of Letter from Three Rivers District Council delivered to Chorleywood households:

Following consultation in August 2012 and subsequent agreement by both Three Rivers District Council and Chorleywood Parish Council, to install a play space on Chorleywood Common, the procurement process to appoint a suitable company to design and install the play space has commenced. This agreement by the Parish Council is subject to conditions and subsequent final approval by the Planning Inspectorate (this government department’s permission is required to build on Common Land).

The main pre-requisites for all play equipment companies is that the design must be in keeping with the natural surroundings, be constructed of mainly wooden material, will not include fencing (fencing cannot be included on Common Land) and be suitable for children and young people from 0 – 14 years. This is to ensure that the final design will be acceptable to the local community, both the Parish and District Councils but also to the Planning Inspectorate.

As part of this process, the local community are invited to view the design options and to vote on their preferred choice. Alongside the designs, there will also be a map indicating the location for the play space, which is sited next to the permitted car parking area close to Shepherd Bridge.

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to complete the survey, including children, young people and adults.

There are 4 options for the local community to complete the survey:
    1. Visit where there will be further information about the survey, images of the design options and a link to survey monkey in order to complete the survey online.
    2. Complete the paper copy enclosed with this letter – you will need to view the design options, which you can see online at (bottom of the webpage) or in Chorleywood Library. Then return the paper copy to either: Three Rivers District Council offices (in Rickmansworth), Chorleywood Parish Council offices or in the survey box at Chorleywood library.
    3. Visit Chorleywood library to view the proposed design options and then complete the survey on the ‘touch screen’ computer device.
    4. Visit Chorleywood Village Day on Saturday 13th July to complete the survey
The consultation period will run from Saturday 13 July to Friday 9 August 2013

Chorleywood Parish Council opening times are:
Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm

Chorleywood Library opening times are:
Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 2pm – 6pm
Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday: 2pm - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Please note that as detailed at the start of the letter, this project is subject to final approval by the Planning Inspectorate.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Gomes in the Leisure Dept of Three Rivers District Council on 01923 776611 or email

We have replicated the four designs layouts and equipment proposals below. You can click on any of the images to get a full size image from our Google Docs repository.

Or you can go to the District Council website to download the original PDF documents.

Design Layout A

Play Area discussed at Chorleywood Parish Council

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Maria Larkin and several other members of the Executive Committee attended the meeting of the Chorleywood Parish Council on the 29th January to state out support for the proposed Play Area in Chorleywood on behalf of the Chorleywood Residents’ Association.

Under the rules of Parish Council meetings, members of the public are permitted to make statements of up to 3 minutes in length at the start of the meeting, and the following was read out at the start of the meeting by Maria.

"I’m sure everyone here will join me in expressing our appreciation to the Parish Council for doing such a wonderful job in conserving the Common for residents of Chorleywood and wish to congratulate them on securing Stewardship Funding.

It has to be said that Chorleywood Common was left to residents of Chorleywood for the use of the local people for recreation and sport. This is in the Deeds.  Conservation is good but should not preclude recreation for children and adults alike. There is far too much emphasis, if not an obsession with conservation by both the Parish Council and the Friends of Chorleywood Common.  A woodland play area where suggested will enhance not spoil Chorleywood Common.  

Having children benefit from such a space can only be a plus and it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that the Parish Council receive an award for a woodland play area perfectly in keeping with its environment!

Location 13 is a good compromise as it is situated between two parking areas, is easily accessible on foot and is in an area that overlooks the railway line.  This means it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as other parts of the Common and the much needed introduction of Dog Control Orders, should negate the need for any kind of fencing, keeping the area open, yet just on the periphery of our beautiful Common.  The Chorleywood Residents' Association are in support of this location.

One concern however, is that this location is the only one being put forward for discussion and should the required geological tests, surveys etc prove the area to be unsuitable, no “reserve” location has been identified on the Common.  We therefore request that the Parish Council review again the Play Advisory Committee Report to ensure they have not overlooked a potential “reserve” spot so that the wishes of those who responded to the Three Rivers District Council consultation are carried out and a play space can be located on the Common.

As a matter of historical interest, the Chorleywood Residents’ Association reported that a suggestion as far back as 1997 for a public fund to be set up to raise money for a play space should be designated as a lasting memorial to be named after Diana, Princess of Wales. I wonder if anyone remembers this and the longed for play area will indeed bear her name?"

The Parish Council meeting went on to discuss the Play Area later in the meeting and the councillors were asked to vote on the progression of area 13 (near Shepherds bridge) as a possible siting for the Play Area. The other 2 preferred sites cannot now be progressed following the awarding of the Stewardship order. Councillors voted as follows 10 For, 2 Against, 1 Abstention.

Play Space discussed at Parish Council Open Spaces Meeting

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District Councillors attended the Open Spaces Committee meeting on Monday Tuesday 15th January to observe the Parish Council discuss the three locations earmarked for the Play Space on Chorleywood Common.

Simone Tyson of spoke on the subject, complementing the Parish Council on their positive steps and timeframe since the chorleywood forum and expressed some disappointment at the interaction between the higher level stewardship funding and the play area. The Parish Council were granted funding in July 2012 which now discounts Areas A & B, the two areas near Christ Church School. Close proximity to the ponds and the affect on the play equipment would have on the great crested newt are factors.

She then spoke in support of location 13 (Area C mentioned in my previous update) and made the point that local families did not want a play trail instead of a play area.  She commented on concerns around parking and anti-social behavior for this particular location and that the relevant district council processes should cover this.

Following the debate and voting, the committee proposed that they take location 13 forward to full council for further discussion and to Three Rivers DC subject to parking, design scheme, walking access and landscaping.

The next Full Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th January at 8.00pm all those interested should attend.


Update on Chorleywood Play Space Consultation Results

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Maria Larkin attended the recent Leisure and Community Safety Policy and Scrutiny Committee meeting held at Three Rivers Council on Wednesday 21 November. A decision made at the meeting are effectively recommendations to Full Council where the final decision is made. The next Full Council is on Monday 3rd December.

The committee discussed the results as published will recommend to the Full Council Meeting on 3rd December that the play space be located on the Common with options to look at 
  • Area A (set back from the Cricket Pitch in a clearing) and 
  • Area B (located adjacent to Station Approach between Shepherd's Bridge car park and the Golf Club).
However both locations A and B were deemed unsuitable by the Parish Council not long after the play advisiory committee completed their report.  It seems the rangers believe area, A to be too boggy for such a scheme and area B due to the concerns from the PCSO's of the increase in anti-social behaviour as there is ad hoc incidents in this location currently.
Simone Tyson spoke for chorleywoodmums in support of the play space being located on the Common.
Michael Hyde of Friends of Chorleywood Common spoke against the locations A and B, however Cllrs Martin Trevett and Sue Stibbs suggested a further option Area C (located towards Dog Kennel Lane and behind the Vicarage). This can be found on the Play Advisory Committee Report Map.
The Leisure committee accepted their recommendations to investigate further areas A, B and C as possible locations. Chorleywood Parish Council were also in agreement for this recommendation to be put to the Full Council meeting for review.

Any residents who are interested in the Play Area should attend the Three Rivers Chorleywood Local Area forum at 2pm on Monday 3rd December at the Memorial Hall on Common Road.

Let’s All Go Out to Play!!

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The Chorleywood Play Space Consultation returns big majority in favour of the common as the site for the new play space.

Over the past few years the Residents' Association has been working along with Chorleywood Mums and other groups in the village to ensure that an allocation of £95,000 of funding by Three Rivers District Council could be used appropriately provide an additional play space in Chorleywood. 

Over the summer the Council consulted local residents as to the 
  • type of equipment to be used (an indicative design was included), and 
  • where it should be sited – the options available were Chorleywood House Estate, Chorleywood Common or somewhere else.
The results of the consultation have now been analysed and the Residents' Association is really encouraged to hear that that there was a response rate of 25% to the consultation exercise (over 1000 responses), which is it itself a massive achievement for the local community and shows the interest the community has shown in the opportunity of a new Play Space.
  • 81% of respondents liked the type of play equipment that had been suggested. 
  • With regards to sites, 34% of respondents felt that Chorleywood Estate would be the best site, but 61% favoured a site on the common and the remaining 5% saying it should be somewhere else.
The upcoming Three Rivers Leisure and Community Safety Policy and Scrutiny Committee (that just rolls off the tounge!) on the 21st November has an attachment with the output of the survey. We've put a copy of the paper on our website - you can access this here (it's quite a big document, it may take a few minutes to load)

Three Rivers District Council will now be liaising with  the Parish Council who own the common and have been very helpful up to now for permission to proceed further with the scheme. 

The council will be presenting the detail of the consultation at the Chorleywood Local Area Forum on Monday 3rd December 2012 which will be held at 2pm at the Chorleywood Memorial Hall 

The Residents' Association would like to thank all our members and residents for engaging with the consultation process, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Parish and District Council and the local community to get a result that works for the majority.

Chorleywood Play Space Consultation - until 28th Sep 2012

posted 13 Aug 2012, 11:56 by Unknown user   [ updated 14 Aug 2012, 04:37 ]

We have learned today that Three Rivers District Council have formerly opened their consultation regarding the proposed Play Space in Chorleywood. 

Getting to this stage where the council is consulting with the community over their plans represents several years work for the Residents' Association along with other community groups as you can read in the Play Area section of the website, and we would like to encourage all residents and visitors to Chorleywood to respond to the survey.

After strong representations from several community groups, including Friends of Chorleywood Common, Chorleywood Mums and the Residents' Association, the council have agreed to extend their initial timescale for the consultation until Friday 28th September 2012.

The consultation information is available on the Three Rivers Council website at the following address and shows the possible design proposal along with a short survey that residents can complete.

There are three ways to respond to the consultation
  • Complete the survey online that is available from the Three Rivers District council website
  • A formal letter should be distributed to approx 4500 Chorleywood households during week commencing 20th August along with the Parish Council "Chorleywood Matters" publication. The design concept can be viewed either online or at Chorleywood Library and if you wish to respond on paper you can deposit your response either at Chorleywood Library, at the Parish Council office or at the District Council offices in Rickmansworth
  • There is additionally a touch-screen device available at the Library where you can complete the survey.
The Three Rivers Leisure services team will also be present at the Chorleywood Village Day on Saturday 8th September to present their ideas, for residents to complete the survey and to obtain other general feedback.

If you have any queries about the consultation contact Charlotte Gomes on 01923 776611 or by email to 

And if you have any concerns, comments or queries, we'd love to hear from you - email us at 

Tell the council what you want from a local Play Area

posted 27 Jun 2012, 12:16 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Jun 2012, 12:54 ]

All residents young and old should know about the Consultation for the new play area in Chorleywood.

Three Rivers District Council will be carrying out formal consultation in terms of proposals and locations with council officers attending Village Day on 14th July 2012, 12 – 4pm.

We would really like to encourage as many local families as possible to attend the Village day which always proves to be a great day out.  More importantly it is really key that local families go along and find the Three Rivers team to discuss their views on the new play space for Chorleywood so that they can get a comprehensive understanding of what our local community wants from the new play space.

There have also been a couple of additional updates on play spaces in Chorleywood.

Simone Tyson from has been successful in her requests to update The Swillet. The District Council is carrying out maintenance work over the next 6 weeks with new picnic benches and sprucing up of existing facilities. The District Council are currently pursuing the Common as a location for the new play space and are liaising with the Parish Council and other key partners as part of their process. 

For more information on their proposoals go to:

The Parish Council are moving forward with a Natural Play Trail on the Common (using materials sourced from the common i.e. stepping logs, den building etc).  The Rangers have already made some changes so why not try and find them!

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