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Play Area discussed at Chorleywood Parish Council

posted 3 Feb 2013, 06:53 by Unknown user
Maria Larkin and several other members of the Executive Committee attended the meeting of the Chorleywood Parish Council on the 29th January to state out support for the proposed Play Area in Chorleywood on behalf of the Chorleywood Residents’ Association.

Under the rules of Parish Council meetings, members of the public are permitted to make statements of up to 3 minutes in length at the start of the meeting, and the following was read out at the start of the meeting by Maria.

"I’m sure everyone here will join me in expressing our appreciation to the Parish Council for doing such a wonderful job in conserving the Common for residents of Chorleywood and wish to congratulate them on securing Stewardship Funding.

It has to be said that Chorleywood Common was left to residents of Chorleywood for the use of the local people for recreation and sport. This is in the Deeds.  Conservation is good but should not preclude recreation for children and adults alike. There is far too much emphasis, if not an obsession with conservation by both the Parish Council and the Friends of Chorleywood Common.  A woodland play area where suggested will enhance not spoil Chorleywood Common.  

Having children benefit from such a space can only be a plus and it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that the Parish Council receive an award for a woodland play area perfectly in keeping with its environment!

Location 13 is a good compromise as it is situated between two parking areas, is easily accessible on foot and is in an area that overlooks the railway line.  This means it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as other parts of the Common and the much needed introduction of Dog Control Orders, should negate the need for any kind of fencing, keeping the area open, yet just on the periphery of our beautiful Common.  The Chorleywood Residents' Association are in support of this location.

One concern however, is that this location is the only one being put forward for discussion and should the required geological tests, surveys etc prove the area to be unsuitable, no “reserve” location has been identified on the Common.  We therefore request that the Parish Council review again the Play Advisory Committee Report to ensure they have not overlooked a potential “reserve” spot so that the wishes of those who responded to the Three Rivers District Council consultation are carried out and a play space can be located on the Common.

As a matter of historical interest, the Chorleywood Residents’ Association reported that a suggestion as far back as 1997 for a public fund to be set up to raise money for a play space should be designated as a lasting memorial to be named after Diana, Princess of Wales. I wonder if anyone remembers this and the longed for play area will indeed bear her name?"

The Parish Council meeting went on to discuss the Play Area later in the meeting and the councillors were asked to vote on the progression of area 13 (near Shepherds bridge) as a possible siting for the Play Area. The other 2 preferred sites cannot now be progressed following the awarding of the Stewardship order. Councillors voted as follows 10 For, 2 Against, 1 Abstention.