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Play Space discussed at Parish Council Open Spaces Meeting

posted 21 Jan 2013, 11:05 by Unknown user

District Councillors attended the Open Spaces Committee meeting on Monday Tuesday 15th January to observe the Parish Council discuss the three locations earmarked for the Play Space on Chorleywood Common.

Simone Tyson of spoke on the subject, complementing the Parish Council on their positive steps and timeframe since the chorleywood forum and expressed some disappointment at the interaction between the higher level stewardship funding and the play area. The Parish Council were granted funding in July 2012 which now discounts Areas A & B, the two areas near Christ Church School. Close proximity to the ponds and the affect on the play equipment would have on the great crested newt are factors.

She then spoke in support of location 13 (Area C mentioned in my previous update) and made the point that local families did not want a play trail instead of a play area.  She commented on concerns around parking and anti-social behavior for this particular location and that the relevant district council processes should cover this.

Following the debate and voting, the committee proposed that they take location 13 forward to full council for further discussion and to Three Rivers DC subject to parking, design scheme, walking access and landscaping.

The next Full Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th January at 8.00pm all those interested should attend.