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Tell the council what you want from a local Play Area

posted 27 Jun 2012, 12:16 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Jun 2012, 12:54 ]
All residents young and old should know about the Consultation for the new play area in Chorleywood.

Three Rivers District Council will be carrying out formal consultation in terms of proposals and locations with council officers attending Village Day on 14th July 2012, 12 – 4pm.

We would really like to encourage as many local families as possible to attend the Village day which always proves to be a great day out.  More importantly it is really key that local families go along and find the Three Rivers team to discuss their views on the new play space for Chorleywood so that they can get a comprehensive understanding of what our local community wants from the new play space.

There have also been a couple of additional updates on play spaces in Chorleywood.

Simone Tyson from has been successful in her requests to update The Swillet. The District Council is carrying out maintenance work over the next 6 weeks with new picnic benches and sprucing up of existing facilities. The District Council are currently pursuing the Common as a location for the new play space and are liaising with the Parish Council and other key partners as part of their process. 

For more information on their proposoals go to:

The Parish Council are moving forward with a Natural Play Trail on the Common (using materials sourced from the common i.e. stepping logs, den building etc).  The Rangers have already made some changes so why not try and find them!