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Bus transport in and around Chorleywood

posted 8 Feb 2014, 00:07 by Unknown user
The ongoing difficulties posed for uses of the 336 bus service that passes through Chorleywood continue with the flooding on Green Street which is preventing the bus from getting into the Village.

The 336 bus which runs from High Wycombe to Watford is a bit of an oddity. It's operated by Carousel Buses based in High Wycombe (owned by the GoAhead Group), but it's a service contracted to Buckinghamshire County Council, although a good proportion of the route actually runs in Hertfordshire. Because of the fact that it's a Buckinghamshire service it appears that difficulties that prevent the service from running are often off the radar of Hertfordshire County Council, although this shouldn't be the case.

As a Residents' Association we are well aware of the impact of the loss of the bus service causes local residents. It's impacts can be considerable to young and elderly residents who have less options to use their own transport to get around. Whilst bus and transport is really a County issue, Martin Trevett, one of our local district Councillors has tried once again to engage with the bus company. He has copied us into correspondence to see if they can consider getting the bus to coming in and out of the village via Common Road when Green Street is closed due to flooding.

At the time of writing this on Saturday 8th February 2014, many of the local bus services are disrupted due to the closure of Park Street / Scots Hill in Rickmansworth due to flooding. Bucks Buses have alerted people that the 336 service has been curtailed and is only running High Wycombe to Amersham, whereas Herts Intalink think it's been diverted. Another example of the two authorities not talking to each other. What information is actually accurate?

We have also learnt from Les Mead, one of the district Councillors in Rickmansworth that Hertfordshire County Council may be planning cuts to local bus services. No details are available at this time but indications suggest a cut of £200,000 next year and £700,000 the following year. We have very few local bus services as it is in our corner of South West Herts, and in Chorleywood only two bus routes of which one is run by Buckinghamshire! No further details are available at present but if you have any concerns with this news please contact your County Councillor, which for most of us in Chorleywood is Chris Haywood.